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How to Recognize the Thin Line Between Funny and Foolish Band Photos

Manowar (Image via manowar-collection.de)

For years now, the internet has been littered with lists and websites devoted to horrible album covers and band press shots. Sure, these lists and articles are good, harmless fun and indirectly keep alive the names of certain leather- and spandex-clad metal and hard rock headliners of yesteryear (like Manowar above), as well as well-intentioned gospel artists. But who really wants their lasting legacy to be a meme? Read on to find out how bands in the digital age can have fun with press shots without setting themselves up as an eternal internet punchline.

ShiSho: How We Used Sonicbids to Spread Our Music Beyond Ohio's Borders

Image via facebook.com

Despite their young ages, Kent, OH, teens Vivian and Midge Ramone, collectively known as ShiSho, have been honing their comedic, punk-inspired folk sound for over a decade. 2013's five-song Sisters EP was the culmination of years of recording and playing cheeky folk songs in the spirit of Kimya Dawson and Moldy Peaches. We chatted with elder sister Vivian about the band's origin, collaborating with the Dead Milkmen, and how joining Sonicbids has helped the group network with bands and promoters outside of the duo's home state.

These 5 New Books Will Teach You Valuable Lessons About Music History

Image via Wikimedia Commons

From artists' memoirs and biographies to graphic novels, these books about music released in 2014 place varied popular music styles within broader historic contexts. Through tales of inspiration and warnings of potential pitfalls, these incredible reads will teach you valuable lessons about how groundbreaking musicians have reshaped the music business – and even spurred on social change.

5 Films Streaming on Netflix Every Musician Should Watch

Image via blogs.indiewire.com

Popular streaming service Netflix includes a wealth of films, including both documentaries and works of fiction, that serve as history lessons and motivators for aspiring musicians. Mixing inspiration with cautionary tales, these five picks shed light on often overlooked segments of popular music history, from the singers and musicians backing famous bands in the studio to the post-war origin of music-consuming teenagers.

6 Sonicbids Artists Share Their Biggest New Year's Resolutions

Since musicians are constantly working to improve their craft or give back to the communities that support their music, it's no surprise that when asked, many can swiftly provide a New Year's resolution. And since songwriting and performance are about execution, these musicians have plans to make their personal pacts happen. Read on to get inspired for the new year, and then tell us what your New Year's resolution is in the comments below!