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Mar 15, 2016 08:00 AM

Cari Cole

How to Sing Like a Superstar: Legends and Lessons

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A version of this article originally appeared on Cari Cole's Standing in the Spotlight blog.


Lately we’ve been watching Lady Gaga absolutely crush her vocals. How did she go from a celebrity with a really good voice to this newly evolved  "superstar" status in a matter of the past 12 months? What’s her secret?

It all started with her performance at the Oscars last year, February 22, 2015, when she performed "The Sound of Music." We were awed. But her flawless vocals weren’t exactly effortless – Oscars executive producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan revealed that the 28-year-old singer actually practiced every day for six months for the 50th anniversary tribute. "She worked half a year with a vocal coach every day for half a year to do that," Zadan told ET.

The next year, the 29-year-old songstress blew viewers away when she sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2016 followed up by her tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys last month. She’s on fire.

How does one go from good to great or even superstar status in 12 months? Practice, commitment, and accountability. The trade secrets below are a part of my vocal mastery program that I share with my celebrity stars and independent musicians and artists in my private VIP programs, and that I bring to you here! Here are my quick-and-dirty superstar singing lessons.

The Musician's Guide to Creating More Hours in the Day: 6 Magical Steps to Painless Time Management

Image via recoveryunplugged.com

This article originally appeared on Cari Cole's Standing in the Spotlight blog.


Anyone who is a musician knows it's an eight-day-a-week job, one that is never done if you're doing it right. But that right there is a prescription for disaster. No friends, no life, and even possibly, no career. It's all about balance, planning, strategizing, setting goals, and setting and resetting priorities.

Here are my top six pretty-darn-close-to-magical steps to painless time management that have radically improved my career and life as a result of holding to them. I hope it helps you stop spinning your wheels and start being more effective with your music business this year. Big changes can come for you when you apply this simple formula.