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10 Thoughts Every Musician Has During the CMJ Music Marathon

Image via cmj.com

If you've ever performed during the CMJ Music Marathon, you hold these 10 truths to be self evident. Sure, it's four days of insanity, but that's the best part, right? If 2015 is your year to rock NYC, be sure to submit your CMJ application by June 25 and use this list as a crash course in what to expect when you arrive!

5 Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About CMJ Music Marathon

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Even if you've never attended the CMJ Music Marathon, you probably know about its nonstop party atmosphere, inspiring panels, and never-ending parade of shows that zigzag throughout New York City. And if you're a seasoned veteran of the fest, you may think you know everything there is to know about the ins and outs of CMJ-dom, but even you might not know these five surprising facts. Here's the scoop, straight from the CMJ staff themselves!

What Happens After You Submit Your Band for CMJ? An Exclusive Look at the Application Review Process

Onstage at CMJ 2014. (Photo by Alix Piorun)

Performing at the CMJ Music Marathon is a goal for many bands and artists because it means not only playing at a high-profile festival in New York City, but also exposure to other bands, industry execs, and legendary venues. You probably already know that, in order to get selected for the bill, you have to apply through Sonicbids. But what happens after that? How do we determine who's in and who's out? Here's the inside scoop from us, the CMJ staff.

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Chances of Playing CMJ 2015 (From the CMJ Staff)

Kate Miller-Heidke showcasing at CMJ 2014. (Photo by Maya Korn)

You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger, better fall festival of the best indie bands, panels of industry elite, and tons of networking opportunities than New York City's CMJ Music Marathon. With events spread all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, an appearance at CMJ is a true callng card on any band's resume. Once you’ve decided that it's your turn to showcase, mark your calendar for October 13-17, make sure your EPK is up-to-date, and keep these four simple tips – straight from us, the CMJ staff  in mind to help improve your chances of getting selected.