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8 Tips for Live Streaming as a Musician

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For musicians, the act of getting up onstage and putting on a performance for a live audience is a routine part of the job description. It’s what you love doing and why you’ve practiced for all those hours. For some, it's even become second nature.

But now there’s a new type of performance that fans have come to expect and it’s very different from what artists are used to. It’s called live streaming, it’s the future of fan engagement, and it requires a whole new set of performance skills.

Embracing the Chaos: How to Thrive in a Permanently Evolving Music Industry

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Let’s just get this out of the way: the music industry is anything but stable right now, and might remain that way for the foreseeable future. Nobody knows where the money will come from, what the future of streaming looks like, or if we’ll ever get back to those wonderful pre-digital glory days. But I’m not here to bring anyone down. Actually, I believe turmoil and uncertainty provide a great backdrop for innovation and creativity. As a well-known entrepreneur said, "Fortunes are built during the down market and collected in the up market."

Enough fretting about how many streams equate to an old-school CD purchase or what Snapchat filter best represents your band’s ethos. Let’s keep all eyes on the ball and push forward. It’s time to embrace the chaos and make it work for you, as an artist running your music like the business it truly is.

How Business Intelligence Is Crucial to Know Why Your Fans Do What They Do

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Quick thought exercise: what first comes to mind when you hear "big data and music"? Let me take a guess: song recommendation algorithms, per-stream royalty rates, maybe even the number of SoundCloud plays your last upload received. Chances are "business intelligence" didn’t leap out at you, not by a long shot, even though it has the potential to drastically impact the trajectory of your music creating endeavors.

Here's How to Spread Your Music Through Word of Mouth – and Why It's So Powerful

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Do you know how much music is uploaded to SoundCloud every minute? Twelve hours' worth. Every single minute of every single day! On Facebook, over 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month. There are probably more musicians today than ever before (my nerdy research skills failed me trying to find a definitive number to back that up). So, the question remains: How in the hell do you plan to stand out from the crowd?! Your success as a DIYer may very well depend on the answer, and word-of-mouth marketing – the practice of giving audiences something to talk about – could be exactly what you need.

5 Practices All DIY Musicians Should Borrow From These Startup Founders

Andrew Apanov. (Image via store.dottedmusic.com)

You've all heard of startups, right? They're kind of everywhere right now; from Uber to PledgeMusic to Dropbox to Audiokite, startups touch our lives in innumerable ways. It's not exactly a stretch to make heavy comparisons between startups and musicians, both standing at the foot of a similar mountain – creating something from nothing, trying to get people to care about what you're doing, and fighting to survive another day... every day. We think that's a valuable connection to make and enlisted some industry friends to help share five practices you should borrow from the way startups do things today.