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8 Ways That Your Demo Can Make or Break Your Music Career

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The days of merely mailing out your demo and patiently – or not so patiently – waiting for a response are long over. Even though methods of song-sharing have multiplied, some strategies and etiquette rules for how and when to present your music to industry members can be more effective than others. If you're in an unsigned band and have ever wondered how your demo can impact your ability to book shows and get press, check out our eight tips below.

5 Effective Ways to Maintain Press Relationships After Your First Review

For an independent musician, scoring coverage in a media outlet may seem like the well-earned reward in a long cycle of pitching and waiting, good fortune, or a combination of both. But with the right mindset, it’s actually just the start of a potentially long-term professional connection. Some bands hire publicists to develop and maintain their relationships with the press, but others who are in the early stages of their careers (or otherwise not ready to make that type of financial commitment) can make use of these five effective strategies to stay on journalists’ radars long after the first coverage is in the bag. 

Why Small Media Outlets Will Do More for Your Music Career Than Big Ones

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Many independent musicians dream of playing their favorite late night TV shows, landing interviews in iconic magazines, and receiving top-score record reviews on the most notorious music websites. Sure, these are great press aspirations, but obsessing over and chasing after big-name media rather than adopting a comprehensive plan across various types of outlets can actually undermine your career goals. For the majority of early-stage music artists, regional and niche publications are equally, if not more, essential than the majors when it comes to positioning oneself for long term sustainability in an increasingly competitive market.