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Singers: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your Voice

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Take care of your instrument, people. I can’t stress that enough. You already know the importance of cultivating the vocal instrument through breathing and proper technique. Today we’re going to talk maintenance.

If you think of breathing and vocal technique as the cornerstones of the voice factory, vocal maintenance is the practice that keeps operations running smoothly. This is especially important, because unlike other instruments, your voice is in use around the clock, minus time for sleeping – which I imagine are some pretty odd hours if you're out there chasing the dream. There’s no fancy, velvet-lined case in which to send it off to bed between gigs. You can’t easily change out the strings, reed, or mouthpiece. So, how do you take care of your voice?

The Singer's Quick Guide to Mastering Diaphragmatic Breathing (And Why It's So Crucial)

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It's probably no surprise that breathing is an essential building block for healthy vocal production. It may be a surprise, however, that breathing takes as much practice and fine-tuning as producing a nice, full sound.

As a singer, you're an athlete – plain and simple. You need agility, dexterity, and above all, stamina. Enter breathing. Breathing is the single most important element to sustain notes, color in all those funky riffs, and get through a phrase without a huffing and puffing or turning purple. You’re violet, Violet!

3 Dead Simple Ways to Improve Your Singing

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There's something special and electric about young bands. It's the air of excitement and possibility that surrounds them as they strum, thrash, and rock their way to notoriety. Every small gig has the potential to bring the big break that makes every practice hour in a musty garage worthwhile. So often, though, there's one important instrument that gets overlooked: the voice.

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Jan 5, 2016 07:00 AM

Jonathan Hack

'Tis the Season: Here's What Musicians Should Exchange Their Crappy Gifts For

You've decked the halls, jingled the bells, and rocked around the obligatory tree – festively adorned with a lifetime supply of shiny balls. No matter your belief system (or lack thereof), the holiday season generally shepherds in presents. Presents of all shapes and sizes! Glorious presents…well, not all glorious.

No, the act of receiving is not the meaning of the holidays, but it's often inevitable as we gather with family, toss some Bing on the old record player, and smile at the $8 check Great Aunt Ruth sent you three weeks before Thanksgiving. If only it stopped there! It's easy to smile at Great Aunt Ruth’s generous (yet unadjusted for inflation) gift, but it's quite a bit harder in person when Bubbie gives you a beautifully wrapped treasure that tears away to reveal a Shake Weight.

With this is mind, I've taken it upon myself to ease the gift-receiving awkwardness and offer up some music-related goodies for which to exchange your... well, crappy gifts. This is by no means a fully comprehensive guide, but rather a list of suggestions to focus on when you're face-to-face with a bad gift giver and trying to appear appreciative. Here goes.

7 Ways to Get a Free Piano

Image via flypaper.soundfly.com

This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


Pianos. Am I right? Is there a better-equipped musical instrument on Earth to handle everything you throw at it? I'm talking about one of the most versatile instruments out there – a single music-maker that embodies string and rhythm sections, and an angel choir. With a seven-octave range (and a minor third to boot), these babies can handle everything from Chopin to Taylor Swift, Son House to Backstreet Boys.

No, I am not a piano salesman… though it has crossed my mind. I'm just an enthusiast and part-time player who covets these gorgeous, highly polished creatures. And let me tell you, there's not one single keyboard that can run in the same crowd as an acoustic piano. Not one! Are you sold yet?