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5 Types of Visual Content You Can Use Right Now to Promote Your Music

Photo by Dale Martin via Wikimedia Commons; used under Creative Commons

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, artists must create high-quality visual content to consistently engage their fans. Great visual content helps to increase your exposure among your target audience, grow your fanbase, and even land major career opportunities. Here are five types of visual content you can use right now to promote your music.

6 Mistakes Musicians Make When Contacting the Media

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Getting publicity as an emerging artist isn't always an easy task. Thousands of others artists are vying for the media's attention in order to get their music heard by the masses. Journalists and bloggers are inundated with pitches from artists and publicists every day. It's hard to break through, and many artists make mistakes when contacting the media. Here are six of the most common mistakes to avoid.

4 Ways to Build Relationships With the Media

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When it comes to getting publicity, the old saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know" is true. Good media relationships are essential to running a good PR campaign. You're more likely to get interviews and features if you have good media relationships before you start a campaign. One of the benefits of hiring a publicist is that they have strong media relationships that have developed over time. As an emerging artist, though, you may not be able to afford a publicist yet – but that doesn't mean you can't build your own media relationships. Here are four tips to do just that.

Ask a Publicist: 5 Elements of a Unique, Attention-Getting Artist Story

Image via mtv.com

All artists need a story that describes who they are and what sets them apart. While your music is your personal outlet for expression, your story is what helps you connect with people and create diehard fans. It's also the foundation of a killer bio and helps you gain attention from the media, promoters, and other industry professionals. The five questions below are designed to help you craft your own compelling, unique story.

5 Ideas to Promote Your Music During the Holidays

Image via vk.com

The holiday season is a big time for the music industry. Twenty percent of music sales happen in the last six weeks of the year. While major releases dominate this time of year, you can also use the holiday season to build your own momentum, increase sales, and set yourself up for a successful new year. Here are five tips to promote your music this holiday season.