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6 Reasons Your Music Self-Promotion Isn't Working

Thou shalt not buy fake followers. (Image via hotinsocialmedia.com)

P.T. Barnum, founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, once said, "Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!" You can have the best music in the world, but if only your mom and your best friend hear it, you're not going to get very far.

As an independent artist, you already know you're responsible for promoting yourself to grow your fanbase and buzz. So you're frequently posting your music online, tagging everyone you know, and hoping for people to find you, but you're still not seeing the results you want – for some reason, you just can't seem to get past those low numbers of views, clicks, followers, and shares.

So what's going on? You could be making one of these six self-promotion mistakes.

4 Ways You Can Use Periscope to Interact With Your Fans

Image via techabreakk.com

Social media is always evolving and ever-changing. There's always a new platform popping up where you can connect with people. Enter Periscope – the new kid on the block.

Periscope is a live-broadcasting app that allows you to interact and engage with people in real time. While you may be hesitant to add yet another social network to your arsenal, Periscope offers you a unique platform to connect with your fans while you're on the go. Here are four ideas to help you get started with Periscope.

8 Reasons You Aren't Getting Publicity for Your Music

Image via robertnewman.com

Billboard. Rolling Stone. Spin magazine. Musicians dream of getting massive amounts of publicity and everyone knowing their names, but getting press as an emerging artist can be tough. Journalists and bloggers are inundated with pitches from artists seeking to be featured in their publications. There's an art and a science to securing press that many emerging artists may not understand. You probably have contacted the media in the past and wondered why nothing ever happened. Are you making one of these eight PR mistakes?

How to Build a Digital Street Team for Your Band

Image via churlishfigure.blogspot.com

If you've ever come across a flyer for a show in a coffee shop window or tacked to an electrical pole that's given you pause (and I bet you have), you can oftentimes thank a street team for its presence. You probably know that street team marketing is a form of guerrilla marketing used to raise awareness of music among target fans. Street teams were heavily used by hip-hop labels to promote their albums; they hired reps to hang up posters and flyers to let people in the streets know about their new releases. Today, many people find out about new music online from their peers, but you can adapt this old-school tactic of street team marketing to form your own digital street team and reap the same benefits, including sparking conversations about your music and generating a buzz online. Here are a few tips to help you build your own digital street team.

5 Contest Ideas to Generate Excitement Among Your Fans

Photo by James Gregg

As a musician, it's important to stay visible to your fans and constantly engage them. Your fans want to stay connected with you. Contests are a great way to engage your fans, build awareness of your music, and reward them for their loyalty. Here are five contest ideas to give your fans unforgettable experiences.