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How to Stretch Out Your Song's Lifespan on YouTube

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You might be surprised by this, but the half-life of a YouTube video is only six days! This means that, on average, a YouTube video will have received 50 percent of its views in the first six days on the site. After 20 days, that video will have gotten 75 percent of its views. The lifespan for an average YouTube video has become so short that it's practically stagnant after a month. So how exactly do you work your way around that? How do you squeeze out every last drop of potential views and listens to your music on YouTube? Here are a few tips on how to stretch out your song's lifespan on YouTube so that it can get maximum traction and publicity.

Performing, Honing Your Craft

Jun 23, 2015 09:00 AM

Michelle Lou

How to Practice Without Even Picking Up Your Instrument: A 5-Step Guide

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As a working independent musician, you're super busy. You have gigs to play, recording sessions to attend, and publicity to organize. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, how do you still make time for the holy grail of music  practice, practice, practice?

It may surprise you, but you can actually practice without even picking up your instrument. Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, says that "mental simulation of movements activates some of the same central neural structures required for the performance of the actual movements. [This] not only results in marked improvement in performance, but also seems to place the subjects at an advantage for further skill learning with minimal physical practice. The combination of mental and physical practice leads to greater performance improvement than does physical practice alone."

In other words, mental practice is some pretty powerful stuff! And not only is it super effective, it's also easy to integrate into your schedule. This useful little method will allow you to rehearse in your head regardless of whether you're in the bathroom brushing your teeth or just trying to kill time in the tour van. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

What Musicians Need to Know About Snapchat's Plans to Enter the Music Industry

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Recently, Snapchat added a new feature to its extensive arsenal of colorful and whimsical tricks: music videos! You can now play music from your iPhone and record a video on Snapchat at the same time, creating fun, 10-second musical snaps to add to your Snapchat story. Previously, this was impossible to do because any music playing on your phone – whether it be iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora – would shut off the instant you started recording on Snapchat. This forced people to play music from an external source, which often distorted its sound and reduced the audio quality of the song. However, with this new feature, now you can create awesome, high-quality music videos to your liking.