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How to Identify and Attract Your Perfect Fan

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Finding fans is hard enough. Finding great, true, loyal, superfans that you have an actual connection with is even harder. Taking one from the well-known “1,000 True Fans” manifesto: having a small but faithful following of fans who look forward to being a part of everything you do can make the critical difference between full-time professional, living-wages musicianship, and starving artistdom.

So how do you find those superfans? And most importantly, how do you find your superfans who truly connect to you, your lifestyle, your tastes, your preferences, and generally align with the kind of life you want to live?

How to Know Where to Spend Your Money in Your Music Career (Part 2)

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In part one, we did a quick, to-the-point assessment to determine your musical goals and current career level. Now, in part two, we’ll outline some common scenarios of hypothetical musicians and where they’ll want to consider investing their money.

A note of transparency before we dive in: all of this is to help you level up your career and wisely spend your case. I don’t mean to micromanage your wallet, only to offer insight on how to best achieve your goals.

How to Know Where to Spend Your Money in Your Music Career (Part 1)

Photo by Andrew Pons via stocksnap.io / CC0 BY 1.0

Most of the time, you’re gonna have to spend some cash up front on certain things to get situated and start meeting your goals. There are plenty of DIY strategies out there that will help you to spend wisely, of course. But chances are, you’re going to wind up putting down some money on something. The question is, what should that something be?

Marketing and PR Are Not Synonymous – Here's How to Tell What Your Band Is Really Looking For

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During the day, I work at a boutique inbound marketing agency in Nashville. We’re pretty cool, check us out sometime. We help musicians and music industry professionals use inbound marketing techniques to enhance their digital presence and get them reaching sales goals. Things like attracting the right kind of fans, making more conversions to their email list, and serving up the type of content that makes them more discoverable and more engaging. Most of what we do takes place on the artist’s own website and their socials.

We are not a PR agency. Yet, misguided artists continue to call us asking about our PR services and what we can do to help them sell 50,000 copies of their debut album that’s coming out in two weeks. There is so much wrong with that statement. Starting with…

4 More Budget-Friendly Ways to Build a Band Website if You Don't Know How to Code

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In part one, we took you on a guided tour through four popular DIY website-building platforms. There are plenty of other great options out there that we didn't mention, though, so we're going point by point through four more new platforms. If you’re looking to build a professional website for your band, check out these options before you dig in.