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3 Creative Ways to Musically Collaborate With a Visual Artist

Rod Sanchez painting "Winged Painter." (Image via rodsanchez.com)

The music industry is oversaturated with artists trying to make their mark. One interesting way to refine your artistry and expand your reach is to collaborate with a visual artist. Anyone can design an album cover or create a music video with a visual artist, but that's already been done. With a little creativity, you can combine music and art in ways that add a whole new dimension to your live performances.

What a Grammy Nomination Can (and Can't) Do for Independent Artists

Carolyn Malachi, Grammy-nominated independent artist (Photo by Samuel Copeland)

After honing her skills on the Baltimore spoken word scene and releasing two independent albums, singer and MC Carolyn Malachi received a Grammy nomination in 2011 for her hit "Orion" off the Lions, Fires & Squares EP. Once the whirlwind of being nominated for a Grammy ends, many wonder whether it's enough to make a lasting impact on your music career. We caught up with Malachi to discuss what receiving a Grammy nomination can – and can't – do for your indie career.

6 Simple Tips for Nailing Your Vocal Recording Session

Photo by gramophonestudios.com

After a decade of recording songs, I've learned that the most important part of the recording process is how you prepare for it. Being as prepared as possible will boost your confidence, improve your performance, and earn you the respect of the studio professionals you hired to help make your music project a success. Here are six tips to ensure you nail your recording session every time.

How Do You Submit Your Music to the Grammys? Grammy-Nominated Producer James McKinney Explains

James McKinney (center). (Image via grammy.com)

It goes without saying that a Grammy is the most prestigious award in the recording industry. But how do you start your journey down the path to a golden gramophone? Grammy-nominated producer, label-owner, and songwriter James McKinney has built his career working with indie artists. His co-writing, co-production, and performance contributed to Carolyn Malachi's 2011 Grammy nomination, and Wayna's and Kokayi's Grammy nominations in 2009.

As a member of the the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), aka The Recording Academy, for over seven years, McKinney has served on the national board as an independent producer. Have you ever wondered how to submit your music for consideration? In this interview, he breaks down the process.

9 Different Ways to Earn Money Singing

Darlene Love started making her living as a background singer in the 1960s and was featured in the Oscar-winning documentary 50 Feet From Stardom. (Photo by Charley Gallay)

Earning a living as a singer isn't always easy. Turning your passion for singing into a viable source of income requires getting creative with different ways in which you can use your talent. But, frustratingly, sometimes your ability to earn a living as a singer has little or nothing to do with your actual talent. Most of it has to do with finding the right opportunity at the right time and marketing yourself well. It's also knowing that even if you start out on the very bottom singing rung, there's always room to grow and improve – and there will always be gigs to get you there. In the meantime, here are nine ways to earn money using that golden voice of yours.