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How to Start a Band: The Ultimate Guide

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You've honed your skills, and you're at the point where you want to start gigging with a band. Joining a band is the easiest way to hit the ground running with the opportunity to perform in front of a ready-made fanbase. Yet, it may be difficult to find a group of like-minded individuals playing the music you enjoy. So does it make sense to try to join an existing band, or should you just form a band of your own? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

How to Create an EPK and Exactly What to Put in It

What is an EPK?

Your electronic press kit (EPK) is your professional music resume that promoters, venue talent buyers, journalists, and music supervisors use to understand who you are as an artist, what you bring to the table, and ultimately why they should care about you. As such, the smallest details may make or break you, and in this competitive environment, crafting the perfect EPK is critical to your success in making connections and scoring gigs.

7 Little Ways to Become a Better DIY Musician This Week

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We know that being a DIY musician is far from easy. Going out into the music industry on your own is intimidating at times, but it can be so rewarding in the end. In this new series, we're giving you a quick roundup of our best tips and advice from experts every Monday to help you become a better DIY musician.

5 Expert Recording Tips to Try in September

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After a summer of playing killer gigs, you and your bandmates might be thinking ahead for new material. With summer coming to a close, it's time to hit the studio and start working on a new song or album that'll ready just in time for touring to start back up.

Whether you're new to recording or you're a seasoned veteran, we've put together some expert tips that'll help anyone out in the studio.

8 Reasons Why Every Band Should Play SXSW at Least Once

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Although it's over half a year away, you should already be thinking about the 2017 SXSW Music Festival and SXSW Conference. As one of the largest music festivals of the year (over 30,000 attendees last year!), it should be on your radar as either the first or the next big festival you play. Last year, all kinds of artists  from small indie acts to huge names like Erykah Badu  performed, gained massive media exposure, and made lasting connections in the industry. And the festival only plans on getting bigger, so this is the time to take advantage of the discounted early application price of $35 before it ends on September 9, 2016.

Not quite sure what the fest is all about? Here are the top eight reasons why every band should play SXSW at least once!