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Tips of the Trade

Jul 28, 2009 06:03 PM

Tony Hollums

Changing Gig Notifications

Check out this great tour with the deep voice of our very own Brandon Green. He speaks on top of some awesome music.“Arc is Enough” by Sean Wayland. Its a great tune, and he has a ton of other awesome music as well so give it a listen.


Tips of the Trade

Jul 17, 2009 05:33 PM

Tony Hollums

The Indie Artist X Experiment

racer_xSo here is some interesting news.  Some big music 2.0 players are getting together with an artist to implement some of the varying music 2.0 initiatives that have been flying around the net to track how effective they are.

The goal is to get one artist out of his day job and on his way into a full time music career. They are keeping the artist a secret and dubbing them Indie Artist X. Sort of like speed racers brother Racer X. The secret is kept as not to taint the outcome of the project due to publicity of the project itself.  They are tracking the results on a Google doc which you can see here.  Also they are not doing any of the leg work, only acting as advisers; so that way the results are realistic to what your everyday independent artist would have to go through.

Now how does apply to you? Well one thing is you get to track the success of a lot of their ideas. None of which are insanely crazy, they are just plain good ideas in today’s new music realm. One thing that stood out to me as being awesome is simply getting a look at really well organized marketing plan. It’s a level of organization that I think any artist can benefit from.

It also reinforces the idea of building your team. Getting a solid group of passionate people who really want to push your music, and want to see you get to the next level, more on that later.

Check the full story here http://musicians.about.com/b/2009/07/07/642.htm

And here is the list of the Folks involved.

Andrew Goodrich

Artists House Music


Channel: Fan Development

Bruce Houghton



Channel: Commerce

Cameron Mizell



Channel: Awareness

David Rose



Channel: Artist Website

Heather McDonald

About.com Music Careers


Channel: Influencers

Martin Atkins

Revolution Number Three


Channel: Live Shows

Tips of the Trade, Features

Jul 10, 2009 02:38 PM

Tony Hollums

Artist Quick-Chat with Catherine Duc

Another in the series great audio interviews with Sonicbids members. Learn what they do, how they use Sonicbids to get selected for great opportunities, and get their music out there.

Catherine DucCatherine Duc composes Ambient music with Celtic, World and Electronica influences. Classically trained but with electronica savvy, she readily bridges the ancient with the up-to-date on her new album, Visions and Dreams.“Fusing world music with electronica has become quite popular,” Duc said. “Often artists choose Middle Eastern or African themes. I was interested in the possibilities of mixing Celtic motifs with ambient, trance and electronica. Find out more about Catherine’s new album, her plan for success, her advice to musicians, and how she uses her Sonicbids membership in this interesting and informative audio chat, and also in the July issue of the Who’s Getting Gigs Newsletter, Australian Version.


Tips of the Trade, Features

Jul 9, 2009 04:21 PM

Tony Hollums

Artist Quick-Chat with Atari Blitzkrieg

Another in the series great audio interviews with Sonicbids members. Learn what they do, how they use Sonicbids to get selected for great opportunities, and get their music out there.

Atari Blitzkrieg

Atari BlitzkriegHailing from Virginia, Atari Blitzkrieg has been recording and producing since 1995 and released his first single in 2007. He has worked with major names in underground hip-hop, Rapper Pooh, Louis Logic, Vast Aire, LMNO, Roc C and Wildchild among others, rock and folk singers and indietronica bands. Find out more about what is happening for Atari and his music, his advice to musicians, and how he uses his Sonicbids membership in this interesting and informative audio chat, and also in the July issue of the Who’s Getting Gigs Newsletter, US Version.


Tips of the Trade

Jun 26, 2009 05:11 PM

Tony Hollums

Using Your Strengths

A lot of people are striving for the dream to get out of the day job and move full time into a career in making music.  I’ve sure you’ve heard stories of people using wild and crazy marketing ideas to get attention, big name bands breaking away from major labels and weekend warriors leaving the desk job behind to become full time musicians.

Using your StrengthSo how do you do it, with your band, with your strengths? Well there is no single answer, every artist is going to need their own unique approach and it’s up to them to find what that is. Obviously having great music is first and foremost, but you also need to get people to listen. One trick is using the skills you develop in your day to day jobs to your advantage, and design your marketing campaign around those strengths.  Things like getting the grammar nut in the band working on copy and the really friendly one working the email list after the show is obvious. However thinking outside the box is the best way to survive in a music business whose box is constantly changing.  One thing to think about is combining skills sets of the different members of your musical team to create something greater than the separate items. For example if you’re a web designer and your guitar player works in sales. You can design a functional and effective way of selling music online more so then most. If you have a carpenter, an electrician, and an artist, you can design your own lighting system, and a killer, totally unique light show.

Last example I’ll throw out; if you have a auto mechanic, welder, and someone with a love of spray paint, build your own trailer and save yourself a few grand, and have it be custom designed to the band when you drive around, we call that a functional moving billboard.

Take a look at the members of your team who work with your music business, and figure out what skills these people have, besides being a killer bass player, and try to see if you can combine those skills into something you can use in conjunction with the music. A unique merch display, creative cd packaging with an interesting email campaign, fundraising events for recording an album, a treasure hunt for the new album, any number of ideas that you can combine using your skill set will not only be as unique as the people in your band, but will also be of quality much closer to quality of your music.

If anyone has any creative combos, post em.