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9 Must-Have Apps for Touring Musicians

Guest post by Caleb Hsu, editor-in-chief of The Berklee Groove.

Whether you're about to embark on your very first tour or you're able to sell thousands of tickets overnight, touring is undoubtedly a taxing venture. Anyone who’s roughed it on the road for months at a time will tell you about the pressures of delivering consistent performances back to back.

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom. Current-day innovations allow for some of the hassle and stress from being on the road to be alleviated. Thanks to creative-minded entrepreneurs, there are a few essential apps that every touring musician should become acquainted with.

Genius Sheet Music App Listens and Follows Along as You Play

Tonara has redefined the way musicians practice and perform.

This review was contributed by Caleb Hsu, editor-in-chief of The Berklee Groove, and is not sponsored in any way.

If you’re a piano player like myself, you understand the turmoil that arises when you’re playing a piece of music that contains more pages than can comfortably fit on a music stand. However, thanks to the crossroads where technology and business acumen meet, the days of clumsily fumbling through loose sheets of paper, making corner folds in attempts to more easily grasp and turn pages, and enlisting the help of an auxiliary page turner are all things of the past.