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5 Great Music Venues in the Portland Area to Check Out for Your Next Pacific Northwest Tour

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The Pacific Northwest of the US is amazing for so many different reasons: the mountains, the natural history, and definitely the music. I mean, Seattle alone was home to Kurt Cobain, Quincy Jones, and Jimi Hendrix. I think those three are enough to convince you that this region is one of the best for music scenes.

But with the famed names aside, Oregon has much to offer for everyone in the music industry, especially Portland. Portland prides itself on its eclectic counterculture, amazing food, and inclusiveness. There's just about anything for anyone in Portland, including the up-and-coming and breakthrough musicians.

Portland's wide variety of venues and performance spaces makes it a great city to hit up for a tour or even just as you're passing through. From historical venues to chill coffee houses, here are just some of the venues in Portland and surrounding areas you should check out for the next time you plan to head out on a tour.

10 Ways to Ensure the Gigs Keep Coming

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Finding and booking gigs isn’t always easy. So when you do land a gig, it’s important to leave a good impression! Often, finding gigs is about networking and who you know. One poor performance, and you might end up the talk of the town  in a bad way. These 10 tips won't only help you get gigs, but will also help you keep getting them!

Is Too Much Touring Killing Your Band?

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For a new band, there’s nothing more exciting than hitting the road to play shows in new, unfamiliar cities. Touring can be an unforgettable experience that can tighten performances, form industry connections, widen audiences, and foster lifelong friendships among musicians. There’s an air of legitimacy surrounding bands that perform outside their hometowns, and this is because touring is a massive challenge for musicians of every level of experience.

Despite what you may have heard, unless you’re in that coveted upper echelon of professional musicians who’ve achieved widespread popularity and financial success, touring is unglamorous, difficult, and thankless work. Being on the road too much can even prove to be destructive for some bands.

Music Venues You Need to Know About: Portland's Hawthorne Theatre and Lounge

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The building that houses the Hawthorne Theatre has seen a lot of uses: for 70 years from the '20s onward, it was a Masonic Building, then a series of pubs, then a ballroom, and later, it was a comedy club, a record store, then an art gallery. Since 2005, though, it's been a staple Portland venue for bands and artists of all genres, both established and up-and-coming.

6 Keys to a Good Residency Gig for Musicians

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This article originally appeared on the DIY Musician blog.


Residency gigs  where you perform on a regular basis at the same venue  give you a great way to “stretch out” musically, build a more loyal fanbase, and get a little relief in the booking department (since you’ll be booking a whole series of gigs in one fell swoop).

In one way, the gigs can be more relaxed because you turn the stage into a kind of home away from home. Interesting musical things can happen, and you might be more apt to create memorable moments between you and your fans. At the same time, the pressure is on to keep each show engaging in its own right or else fans might get bored and stop attending.