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5 Unusual (But Brilliant) Places to Perform in Boston

Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain (Image via facebook.com)

The thriving music scene of Boston is an incredibly creative one – an enthusiastic combination that means events often overflow into unconventional venues, some of them just outside the city proper. Several of these picks actually champion the local scene by opening their doors to all varieties of sounds. There's even an historic church that welcomes bands and artists to rent their performance space!

Top 5 Boston Venues Locals Love Playing

Casper & the Cookies of Athens, GA, at O'Brien's Pub last December. (Photo by Bryan Griffin)

While Boston's House of Blues and a bunch of 200-plus capacity venues play host to bigger names, there are a ton of smaller rooms where the local scene is absolutely thriving. Like in any city, it's at those venues where up-and-coming artists including Berklee students and alumni, electronic DJs, and garage-punk bands hone their craft and develop loyal fanbases.

How to Book Gigs in Boston, According to a Bowery Boston Talent Buyer

A crowd at the Sinclar, one of several Boston venues that works with Bowery Boston. (Image via sinclaircambridge.com)

If you're trying to land a gig in Boston, it's likely you'll be sending an inquiry to a Bowery Boston venue. The New York-based booking agency works with a motley slew of area staples: the 775-person capacity Royale, the 240-cap Great Scott, T.T. the Bear's Place, and the Middle East, which boasts three rooms of varying sizes, among several others.

Josh Bhatti is a talent buyer for Bowery Boston, and he's provided some insight that could help boost the success of your inquiries. Check out his tips and other helpful specifics below. Good luck!

Top 5 Boston Venues for Independent Artists (And How to Book Them!)

The Sinclair in Cambridge. (Image via sinclaircambridge.com)

Navigating any city you're unfamiliar with can be difficult. Now imagine booking a show without knowing the music landscape – its venues, big local bands, booking agents, and so forth. Even if you've visited the town you hope to play, learning about the local scene specifically – and not just where to get the best burger – can be supremely beneficial.

A solid knowledge of the go-to venues is especially helpful. As an independent artist working to grow your fanbase, playing to the right crowd at an appropriately sized spot is crucial. And for anyone coming through a particular city for the first time, familiarizing yourself with the city's options will narrow down who you reach out to so that you're contacting clubs that might actually be interested.

OPPORTUNITY: How to Book a Gig at Wonder Bar in Boston

Image via wonderbarboston.com

Boston-based concert production, marketing, and booking agency The Brain Trust is now officially booking talent for Wonder Bar in Allston, MA! They're looking for emerging acts to feature at upcoming shows throughout the winter, and they're accepting applications from Sonicbids artists now.