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The New Wave of Corporate Sponsorships: Is It Still Considered 'Selling Out'?

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Corporate sponsorships – now there's a sensitive subject in the music world. After years of corporations doing it wrong and getting bands to "sell out," it seems that now corporate sponsorships are "in." Nowadays, they reflect millennials' tastes as well as the changing nature of the music industry.

The fact of the matter is, it's hard to make it as a musician in this day and age, especially as an independent one, so artists have to take every chance they get. That being said, understanding the financial and moral implications of such a deal can be tricky, so let's take a careful look into the history and nature of the beast.

How to Craft the Perfect Artist Pitch: Advice From CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers

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As the founder of indie-artist hub CD Baby, Derek Sivers understands the importance of a solid pitch. After all, as he says, artists on the site have one sentence to describe their music and album to potential buyers. Defining your sound is tough but not impossible, and it's wholly necessary if you want to gain traction. Take these points that Sivers discusses with Ariel Hyatt of Cyper PR to heart, and get working on that perfect pitch for your band.

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Aug 13, 2015 10:00 AM

Michelle Lou

The Hilarious and Weird Former Names of 18 Famous Bands

Let's face it, the creative process isn't always a pretty thing. It can be messy and chaotic, and sometimes, we look back and all we can do is shake our heads wondering, "What were we thinking?!" It's no easy task to come up with a brilliant band name that's simultaneously edgy and represents who you are as musicians, but we're not gonna lie – the former names of these 18 now-famous bands are either downright hilarious, just plain weird, or both. If we missed any good ones, tell us in the comments below!

How to Get an Artist Endorsement Deal, According to an Actual Artist Relations Exec

Bev Fowler and Rich Hannon of Paul Reed Smith Guitars. (Image via sosstudio.com)

At some point in a musician's career, one starts to ponder the thought of seeking an artist endorsement. This is a very common thought for an aspiring musician, especially taking into consideration all of aspects associated with getting your name out there, acquiring the necessary gear, covering travel expenses, etc. As Director of Artist Relations for PRS Guitars, I thought it might be helpful to provide a few tips on what AR executives look for in artists, and what artists should look for from brands.

How to Find the Perfect Band Name

You, too, can be as ingenious as Gnarls Barkley. (Image via stereogum.com)

This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


Let’s face it: being a musician can be tough. You have to write music, find the right people to play with, get yourself heard, craft a professional sound, record some tracks, etc., etc., etc. And yet, the challenge that I hear cited most frequently by aspiring musicians is how hard it is to come up with a band name. The music side is easy. But coming up with a novel name that captures your unique take on '80s fringe crooner metal? For some reason, that seems to be impossible. But even though deciding between the Red Scare or Camouflage! may seem like a silly thing to get hung up on, the truth is that it's often the very first step you're taking in sharing your art with the world. And that can be a really scary thing. Being a musician takes a lot of courage – offering up your creative output for judgment and then standing by it – and it starts with choosing a single, simple, memorable moniker that people will know you by.