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Should You Press Vinyl for Your Next Release?

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In 2014, sales of vinyl records were up 51.8 percent over the previous year. Given the ubiquity of streaming music, which has already eclipsed music sold online, that number is quite fascinating. In the grand scheme of things, the resurgence in LP sales represents only 3.6 percent of all record sales – which, according to Nielsen SoundScan, accounts for 9.2 million of the 257 million albums sold – but it also represents its biggest growth sector. But why now?

Are Vinyl Subscription Clubs the Future of Analog Listening?

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This article originally appeared on Billboard.


Nick Alt anticipated the recent resurgence of vinyl pretty early on. For years, the Los Angeles-based musician and producer (he counts St. Paul Peterson of Prince's bands the Family and the Time as an acquaintance and did production for Pomplamoose's Nataly Dawn) has been buying two copies of every vinyl record. "I always buy one for me, and one for whatever this is going to be," says the founder of VNYL, a recently Kickstarter-funded rent-a-record service self-described as the "Netflix of vinyl," and the "this" to which he refers. "It's like the stock market, right? You invest a little bit here, a little bit there over time, and suddenly you have a ridiculous amount of vinyl."