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6 Live Performance Tips for Drummers

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Use This Trick to Add More Character to Your Drum Tracks

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This article originally appeared on Landr.


Drums are the bones of your track: they support everything. You want them to be punchy and to cut through. You want them to be loud without clipping. But you don’t want to sound like everyone else out there, do you? That’s what I thought.

A vital skill any producer needs is to know how to make drums sound unique. Follow this simple guide to making drums that stand out. Your track will get added character and you’ll never make boring drum sounds again.

6 Drumming Exercises That'll Drastically Improve Your Creativity

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Where does the 800-pound gorilla sleep? The same place that the virtuoso drummer plays: wherever he wants to. Good drummers are in constant demand, able to write their own tickets, and play with whomever they’d like. And there are never enough of them around.

A good drummer can find him- or herself in the rare position of being the subject of a bidding war, able to choose the best paying gig or the one that's most artistically rewarding. To get there, you need speed, technique, and a car that gets you to rehearsal. But more than any of those things, you need feel and creativity.

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Jul 25, 2016 09:00 AM

Mahea Lee

4 Tips for DIY Drum Recording

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This article originally appeared on Soundfly.


For many musicians, the idea of recording a demo can seem a bit daunting, especially when taking a do-it-yourself approach. Fortunately for those of us who need a bit of guidance, Black Lodge Recording’s Vishal Nayak has helped the Soundfly team create a brand new course, full of tips for efficient, effective, and stress-free demo production. DIY Production Techniques: Demo Recording 101 can help you take your demo from conception to completion.

One of the first things you’ll need to do (after setting up your scratch track) is to set the tempo for the whole song by recording your drum parts. In the demo recording course, we focus on recording a live drum kit using two microphones. Here are some pointers to help you do it right.

5 Amazing Drummers Who Should Be Your Role Models if You Want to Break the Mold

Photo by Jean Fortunet via Wikimedia Commons; used under Creative Commons

Technically, a drummer's role is to keep time. That's what's required of them. But with a job description that vague, it's basically a blank canvas. Still, most drummers get bogged down with traditional styles and just living up to the status quo. (Not that this issue is exclusive to drummers; most musicians largely color inside the lines, whether they'd like to acknowledge it or not.) However, the ones who break ground are much more often the truly great ones. Check out these five innovative drummers who each broke the mold in a different way.