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If You’re Not Using Facebook Targeting for Your Music, You Really Should

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The idea of advertising on social media seems so foreign to many people, and I think it’s because they either assume it’s too expensive, too complicated, or that it’s reserved solely for big brands. None of these assumptions are true, and if you’re avoiding playing around with ads for any of those reasons, you’re doing yourself a disservice!

5 Times You Should Use Facebook Live to Engage Your Fans

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Social media is a powerful tool for musicians. Sure, it's easy to log onto Facebook and post a picture of your upcoming tour, share a link to your latest music video, or send out mass event invites to all your friends. But, believe it or not, there are several more effective ways to engage your fans on Facebook.

Facebook Live is an interactive tool that allows you to post a live video that your followers can view in real time. The live stream is an incredible tool for engaging your followers and connecting them to your music. However, few musicians go the extra mile and use Facebook Live to their advantage. If you don’t know where to start, we've got you covered. Below are five perfect times to pull out your phone and record a quick live update.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Facebook Live as a Musician

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A version of this article originally appeared on Haulix Daily.


Move over, Periscope. Facebook has its eyes on being the leader of live video broadcasting online and some would argue they’ve made it there already with Facebook Live. Made available to the public in early 2016, Facebook Live brings all the immediacy of Periscope and similar live broadcast applications to one social media site even your grandma knows by name, thus further eliminating the need for anyone to ever go anywhere or use anything else.

We’re not saying Facebook Live is better than Periscope (though we’ll probably compare them at some point in the near future), but it would be foolish to ignore the simplicity of attracting more people to your live broadcasts that Facebook Live promises. Even people who claim they don’t use Facebook likely have had or currently do have an account and know their way around the site. All the barriers that would typically come between your fans and live broadcast platforms up to this point (people need to know the app exists, have the app, and have an account on the app) do not exist with Facebook Live.

Getting started on Facebook Live is easy, but making the most of your time spent broadcasting is another task altogether. These tips will help.

How to Get More Facebook Likes on Your Fan Page

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This article originally appeared on Cyber PR.


If used correctly, Facebook can be one of the most powerful social media tools in a musician’s arsenal. Especially for young’uns – who have grown up in the age of Mark Zuckerberg – it's often the main way people get their news. With a little bit of work, some of that news can be your music!

Many of the artists who work with Cyber PR ask, "How do I get more Facebook likes?" To put it simply, in order to get more likes, you have to put your page in front of as many people as possible. This can happen – broadly speaking – in two ways: organically, or through paid advertising. Let’s look at "organic likes" first.

The Number-One Reason Your Facebook Page Isn’t Growing (And Other Tips)

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A version of this article appeared on Cyber PR.


If you’ve spent any time trying to promote your music on a Facebook page, I’m sure you’ve noticed something pretty frustrating: Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to grow your page organically.

Once upon a time, if you posted your latest music video on your page (which used to be called a fan page back in the Dark Ages), chances were that most of your fans would see it. But ever since Facebook went public in 2012, the company has made a giant effort to bring paying advertisers on board. The algorithms Facebook uses to determine what people see in its newsfeeds are heavily weighted to benefit paid advertisements. This results in the fact that my own mother (who has about 20 Facebook friends) often doesn’t see what I post on my page.