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Facebook Advertising for Musicians, Part 2: When to Boost vs. Run an Ad

Image via mashable.com

A few weeks ago I gave an overview on Facebook advertising for musicians. We discussed the best ways to tweak your posts along with the general mechanics of how to run an ad. In this follow-up piece, we will be getting a bit more specific on the differences between boosting a post and running an ad, which kind of scenarios are ideal for each, and touch on all those small details that will help you best understand how to gain more exposure for your music through Facebook advertising.

Ariel Hyatt's Mini-Masterclass for Musicians: Everything We Know About Facebook's Algorithm

Image via youtube.com

This video originally appeared on Cyber PR.

Wondering what social media posts might warrant the most likes, or if it's appropriate to slap a hundred photos of your new baby on your band's fan page? What about understanding statistics when they all look like hieroglyphs? We're excited to share part one of Ariel Hyatt's popular three-part mini-masterclass video series with you, and it's all about Facebook!

How to Use Facebook to Get People to Shows – Without Using Events

Photo by Rob Cartwright

I'm a fairly large advocate of Facebook marketing for musicians. However, there's one component of Facebook that should be great for artists, but ends up just being detrimental and often spammy, and that is the Facebook event. While it's still a good tool and is still a sound way to let fans know about shows, it's become overused, and quite often, you end up getting invites to events across the US that you could never realistically attend. The overuse generally makes potential event guests ignore invites altogether.

How to Create a Facebook Event Invite People Want to RSVP 'Yes' To

The result of a poorly created Facebook event invite: an empty house. (Image via galleryhip.com)

Getting the word out about your upcoming show has never been easier thanks to social media... right? While sites like Facebook certainly have provided plenty of bands with smaller fanbases and limited resources with a way to share show dates, they've also given the everyday person one more thing to check, and frankly, people already have too many messages coming at them from every direction and on every platform possible.

Standing out from the crowd of event invites and promotions is tough, but not impossible. Here are four tips to make your event invite as attractive as possible in the hopes that it'll convince more people to attend your show.

A Guide to Facebook Advertising for Musicians

Image via lifehacker.com

Facebook is like that best friend that you had in high school, the one that was constantly going through phases. Your friend was always there for you, helped you out, and supplied you with hours upon hours of entertainment, but you just never knew which version of Kevin was going to walk through that door. Would it be Goth Kevin? Yoga Kevin? Fitness Kevin? Same great guy, but small little changes each time.

That, my friends, to me, is Facebook. It seems every few months new changes come through that make marketing people like me have to readjust. It's the same platform with the same features, but just with small pesky little nuances. The most difficult adjustment with Facebook is its algorithm changes.