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The Best Electric Guitars for Every Budget

Image via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

If you visit any guitar shop, chances are there are 30 or more models of electric guitar hanging on the wall. Check out a website like Musician’s Friend and that number balloons to 1,200. You can’t test them all!

Bound by the need to buy stuff that sells, retailers may not have many of the most interesting designs in stock, preferring to stick with the basics and throw one or two radical instruments up in the window just to intrigue passing musicians. How do you get a playable guitar with a cool design for a fair price? Well, you could start with these six popular electric guitar designs on the market for price points from budget to premium.

The 10 Most Iconic Guitars of All Time (That Aren’t the Fender Strat)

If you’ve been to Earth recently, you’re aware that the Fender Stratocaster is the preeminent electric guitar in popular music. Guitar demigods like Gilmour, Hendrix, and Clapton are always seen and pictured playing it. Stratocasters been made cheaply in Japan and Mexico, their iconic shape has been copied endlessly, and in the 1960s, an Asian company even made a line of Strat copies called the Bumper since they'd never heard of Leo Fender (this legend may be apocryphal, as the internet does not seem to remember it).

So with respectful bows to the primacy of the Strat, here are the other 10 most iconic plugin rock 'n' roll machines in history. We’ll start with the Gibsons.