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Why Science Says It's Okay to Give Up on Your Music Career Goals

We can only assume these guys are on their way to chuck their instruments into the ocean. (Image via pixabay.com)

Remember the 1999 film Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen? No? Well, to refresh your memory, a motto from the film was, "Never give up, never surrender." While it was more of a joke in the movie, this philosophy has become a popular one to live by in Western culture. But in terms of your music career, this might not always be the best advice.

How to Be a Nice Guy in Music and Not Finish Last

Image via pixabay.com

We've all heard the phrase "nice guys finish last," the basis being that "nice guys" lack the confidence and aggression needed to succeed in life, thus being trampled by their "mean" cohorts. Fortunately for all the inherently considerate folk out there, this is a myth.

It's entirely possible to be nice and successful at the same time. There are, however, some finer details to keep in mind. So put a smile on your face, get those mean insults out of your head, and start down your path to success.

What Kind of Musical Genius Are You? Take This Quick Quiz to Find Out

Image by Thierry Ehrmann via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Musicians: How to Take No for an Answer

Image via pixabay.com

It wasn't my first meeting with a publisher, but it was my biggest meeting at that point. I was 16 at the time, and although I'd had many “good” meetings, I hadn't as yet had any big yeses. The gold records that lined the wall were impressive – especially for a teenager – and I was feeling a little lightheaded about even being in an office so nice. I handed him the cassette, feeling confident about my songs – it was my best writing to date.

The tape screeched as he fast-forwarded to the chorus.

“No. Next.”

7 Rock Biographies You've Never Read, But Definitely Should

Image by RCA Records via Wikimedia Commons

As humans, we often look to others for inspiration and guidance (hence why YouTube hair and makeup tutorials are so popular). The same goes for the indie musician, possibly even more so because there's such a brilliant array of sources from which to glean wisdom, marketing tactics, stage presence ideas, and even songwriting hacks. But one of the most popular, straight-forward, and easily accessible ways is to pick up a book (or download an e-book, whatever).