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You Just Shot Your First Music Video – Now What?

Photo by Kitty Crawford

Ever since the demise of MTV's TRL, we've heard people from all walks of life claim that the music video is dead. But even though MTV may not play 'em, with social media becoming such a norm in the past 10 years, a music video is still a must-have tool for artists. If a song's a great success but you want to ensure its longevity, throw a music video behind it and upload it to YouTube for it to be viewed in perpetuity. Or, if you simply want to put a visual element to your music – just make a lyric video.

Regardless of why you choose to make a video, what exactly do you do after your band finishes its first visual masterpiece? Check these to-dos off your list first.

How to Release a Quality Music Video as an Independent Artist

Image via New York Film Academy

A good music video is one that’s effective in bringing new life and energy to a song. They should be made to entertain your audience. To really capture people’s attention, they should be fun, funny, creative, unique and/or energetic – so that means don't just stand in front of a camera and sing your song or rap your lines. You want people to watch the whole video (which isn't easy these days) and share it with friends. Here’s how to do it as an independent artist.