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Don't Have an In-Person Mentor? Try These 2 Ways to Find a Virtual Mentor for Your Music Career

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Sometimes this industry can feel so lonely — like you’re fighting an uphill battle with no one to turn to for support. While there are undoubtedly communities out there designed to support you in your journey, the truth is that sometimes you just want someone to turn to for a quick question or piece of advice. You want someone who has already achieved much of the success you hope to who can guide you in your most confusing moments.

The good news is that kind of person does exist, and they’re called a mentor. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find an in person mentor who can guide you through the ins and outs of your career on a regular basis — they’re available, hands on, and there to answer your questions when you get stuck.

An in-person mentor, however, isn’t always easy to find. If your search for the perfect mentor isn't turning out the way you'd hoped, here are two options for finding that person virtually.

5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Member of Your Local Scene


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We've stressed the importance of contributing to your local scene in so many prior posts: Like this guide to the many benefits of belonging to a music community, from mutual support to sharing gear or knowledge, or the illuminating insight of White Mystery's Alex White, who explained that DIY isn't actually individualistic, but about teamwork instead. We've even published a guide to getting involved for newcomers.

Still, any local scene member is susceptible to missteps. Following your instincts while remembering to give the same kind of respect you want to receive is a solid guideline for interactions within your community – but mistakes still happen.

6 Ways DIY Musicians Have More Power Than Ever

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Sometimes it can feel like your path as a DIY musician is paved with obstacles. It’s a lot of pressure, budget, and responsibility for just one set of people to handle, and having a label to help you out (especially with the budget side) can feel incredibly refreshing.

While it’s true that having a team to help you out when it comes to things like press or booking tours is something you’ll want to eventually budget for, there’s also a lot of power to be had by being a DIY musician.

3 Ways to Determine if the Media Thinks Your Album is a Flop

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If you’ve recently run your own music PR campaign or hired a music publicist to do it for you, you may have been disappointed in how few media outlets reviewed your album. The album you thought was your best piece of work felt like an enormous flop.

Why 'Risk' Shouldn't Be a Four-Letter Word for Musicians

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After we've been burned or fail at something, we've all heard the little voice that says, “Think twice about this before you do it again.” No one can fault us for being cautious. After all, only the strongest survive, and we have to hedge our bets, right? But, how can we determine what’s worth the extra reach outside our comfort zone and what’s not?