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How to Get Selected to Play CMJ Music Marathon 2015

Savages perform at Terminal 5 during CMJ 2013. (Image via

New York City is home to a high-profile, high-intensity marathon where individuals from around the world gather to demonstrate their talent, hard work, and endurance. Grabbing the attention of hundreds of thousands of people in attendance across some of New York's most notable landmarks is a top priority. And after 34 years since the marathon's inception, this annual event is a proven mainstay and not to be missed.

OPPORTUNITY: Play the Coors New Legends Concert Series in NYC This Winter

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The next stop for the Coors New Legends Concert Series this winter is Leftfield on Ludlow in New York City's Lower East Side. TurnStyle Music Group and Coors Banquet have teamed up to share original music from local independent artists in showcases throughout the city, and they've reserved 10 open spots for Sonicbids artists based in the New York metro area!

Top 5 New York Venues Locals Love Playing

Union Pool offers an intimate, distraction-free setting for up to 150 people. (Photo courtesy of Union Pool)

Whether it's because they offer big breaks to up-and-coming bands or they arrange great showcases of entirely local talent, these five venues are among the favorites of New York-based musicians. Some of them are multipurpose spots  one's on par with an intimate listening room, and another has a much-beloved Brooklyn band at the helm. Each has its own unique appeal, but they're all essential to keeping the local scene thriving.

Top 5 Unusual (But Brilliant) Places to Perform in New York

Brooklyn Night Bazaar is a weekend event where various outputs of local culture, like music, food, and handmade goods, meet. (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Night Bazaar)

New York's music scene is so massive that it extends beyond the norm to countless nontraditional venues like basements, art galleries, and bowling alleys. After all, real estate is both pricey and limited, so multiple uses for one space makes complete sense. And it makes for truly memorable performances, too. Peruse these five unconventional spots for a sampling of the unique places your band could potentially play in NYC.

Top 5 Venues to Play in New York if You're Still Building Your Fanbase

Pianos on the Lower East Side is a stellar spot for up-and-coming artists. (Image via

Everybody knows New York City is a hub for budding artists, but does everybody know which venues cater to musicians who are still building a fanbase? Each plays a crucial role in the independent music scene, and scoring a show at any of them can provide a big push to your career. Learn more about these spots below, and if you think your act is a good fit, give it a go. All of them are open to booking inquiries.