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3 Veteran Producers' Secrets to Making Your Beats Sound More Professional

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So you've become comfortable with your DAW of choice and are already making pretty catchy beats. You're a quick learner with a ton of potential. You can hear your lyrics, melodies, and more overtop your beats. Something is just a bit off, however; the rhythm is right, but the sound isn't all of the way there. You listen to your favorite producers and wonder, "What makes their beats sound so crisp and full?" Well, it's a mixture of things like sample quality, mastering, effects, and more.

How to Get Better at Producing Your Own Music

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Producing your own music is a liberating, creative art. Several extremely successful musicians write, perform, and produce their own music, such as Kanye West, James Blake, and Dr. Dre. While we do recommend working with professional producers who can take your music to the next level, it's beneficial to learn your own way around the production world. If you have a digital audio workstation or you're thinking of purchasing one, here are a few ways to get better at producing your own beats.

How to Find and Use Samples for Your Beats

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While today's popular digital audio workstations like Ableton, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools come equipped with MIDI instruments galore, most beat producers still prefer to use samples. MIDI instruments have their place, but they can often feel too digital and computerized, whereas samples capture the warmth of high-quality, classic recordings. Collecting and altering samples can be a complex process at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's fun, explorative, and rewarding. Here are a few ways to find and use samples in your music.

Should You Produce Your Own Beats?

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In 2015, we're doing everything ourselves – from home studios to DIY PR to tour planning. With production schools like Dubspot taking off, DAWs like Logic running for under $200, and a plethora of free tutorials on the web, many musicians are taking production into their own hands.

Production is a world of its own; it takes an advanced understanding of software and audio. Nonetheless, the benefits of doing it yourself are very rewarding and open doorways to new creative possibilities. If you're thinking about taking production into your own hands and becoming a pro beat producer, here are a few questions you'll want to ask yourself first to decide if it's a good move.

Top 5 Apps for Producers at Any Level

Rick Rubin and Dave Grohl (Image via unitedvirtuoso.com)

With today's technology moving so fast, it's difficult to stay current with the latest software and products for music production. If you aim to be the next Rick Rubin, you'll need a little help from your technological friends. There are a variety of cool, innovative apps for music producers on the market now – so whether you're a novice or an old pro, one of these five apps might be just what you're looking for!