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Road to Austin: Savannah Stopover's Allure for Bands on Their Way to SXSW

The Fontaines. (Image via sonicbids.com)

Okay, even though this post is under our #RoadToAustin umbrella, we're willing to bet that a good chunk of those reading this are already hunkered down for SXSW. But there's also a good chance that some of you reading these words right now were rocking out at Savannah Stopover, the pre-SX fest that invaded Savannah, GA, last weekend. For many, the allure of 100 bands in 10 venues over three days is enough to make a pit stop on their way to Austin, as Savannah Stopover has proved itself a worthy complement to big brother SXSW. A handful of Sonicbids artists had the opportunity to play the fest, and here, in real time (well, as real time as Instagram is!) are their recaps of their Stopover experience!

'It's in Our Blood': Why Every Band Gets Treated Like Royalty at Savannah Stopover

Savannah Stopover 2014 (Photo by Geoff L. Johnson)

For the past five years, the small coastal city of Savannah, GA, has drawn thousands of residents and visitors to the Savannah Stopover music festival. Taking place over three days, the festival features over 70 national touring acts along with local rising artists. Savannah Stopover is in search of four Sonicbids artists to join their 2015 lineup. Along with compensation, artists are greeted with true southern hospitality as the festival strives to provide an experience like no other. Peter Robaudo, Savannah Stopover's director of talent and systems management, explained why the importance of hospitality to artists is such a focus of the festival, what he's looking for in bands, and why Savannah's rising music scene is the place to be.

Opportunity and Community Meet in Two Fledgling Georgia Music Festivals

Inspired by the success of Austin's SXSW, forward-thinking entrepreneurs around the country have been launching their own versions of the festival. Athens Slingshot and Savannah Stopover — two March fests that have popped up in Georgia only within the last five years — are both excellent models of how tailoring a festival to the needs and strengths of a community can pay dividends.