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Is It Really Worth It to Hire a PR Company When You Release New Music? Advice From Indie Artist Lauren Marsh

Image courtesy of artist

Most musicians dream of one day being on the cover of Rolling Stone, or having Pitchfork dub their album "Best New Music." It's a prestigious salute to your hard work, and it helps with album sales and promotion. However, doing your own press often means facing a big learning curve (unless you're one of those musicians who majored in PR), hearing no after no, and potentially placing money in bad investments.

We spoke with Lauren Marsh, an award-winning, indie singer-songwriter from New Jersey, about her experience with DIY PR versus hiring a professional. Lauren led a strong campaign herself on her debut EP, but with her most recent release, she put the work in the hands of a pro. Artists are always wondering if they should hire a publicist, so we dug into Lauren's results to get some insight.

How to Land (And Crush) a Major Festival Gig: Advice From Sylvana Joyce

Photo by Dennis Pike (courtesy of the artist)

Most rising independent musicians dream of playing their music in front of huge audiences. We think if our music could just get heard, we would surely make it big. After all, writing good music doesn't guarantee success (as much as we wish it did). It takes marketing and promotion to find an audience. One of the best ways for a touring band to get in front of new listeners is to play festivals. Drama rock artist Sylvana Joyce landed a huge opportunity when she was accepted through Sonicbids to perform at Musikfest, the massive festival in Bethlehem, PA, that attracts over a million attendees each year. Not only does it look impressive on an EPK, but it put her in front of tons of new fans. Below, Joyce shares how she prepared for and made the most of her big-time festival set.

Can You Really Find Killer Bandmates Through Online Advertising? Advice From Liz Bills of Analog Heart

Image courtesy of the artist

Do you have great songs, great talent, and a dream of performing with a band? Perhaps you know a few musicians in your city, but they just don't blend with your vision. After singer Liz Bills had somewhat of an epiphany one night (which she describes in more detail below), she put up an online ad seeking bandmates the very next day, which ultimately led to the formation of Massachusetts-based rock outfit Analog Heart.

After a few wacky auditions (which you'll also get to read more about in the Q&A below), she started a strong, promising band that's gone on to accomplish some big things. We caught up with Bills to learn about what it was like finding potential band members online, and how she managed to choose the right musicians in the end.

How The Human Circuit Got National Radio Play as a DIY Band (And Why It Matters)

Image via The Human Circuit's Sonicbids EPK

In today's era of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud Go, and all the other countless streaming sites, we don't think much about traditional radio anymore. However, there are still a ton of people connected to the radio scene. Maybe the major radio stations don't have the same influence that they used to, but local stations are still impacting their communities.

Indie psychedelic band The Human Circuit hails from Austin, and they've had no shortage of radio play – their music has even reached #1 on local stations. But how do they manage to get spins as a DIY band? And, more importantly, does it actually benefit them? We caught up with them to find out.

How to Navigate Music Career Success as a Young Musician: Advice From Ryan Brahms

Image courtesy of the artist

NYC-based rock artist and singer-songwriter Ryan Brahms found success at an early age. He was performing alongside some of the world's most renowned musicians. But with early success comes struggles, such as balancing your school and social life, managing yourself as a business with little-to-no experience, and sustaining that success as you grow. No one wants to be an Aaron Carter, they want to be Michael Jackson. While Brahms may not be going for pop star status, he's done an incredible job championing his talents and successes. We spoke with Brahms to figure out what keeps him going and how he handled his success at such a young age.