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Amy & The Engine's Cure for Writer's Block (Plus a Sonicbids Office Gig!)

Amy & The Engine. (Image via youtube.com)

Who doesn't love the combination of a good twangy guitar and a tambourine rattling with attitude? The punchy folk-pop melody and the smiles shared by bandmates belie the message behind "Stronger," a scathing commentary on marriage in the 21st century performed by Amy & The Engine, a fusion of synth-pop and folk-rock fronted by Amy Allen. The band came to the Sonicbids headquarters in Boston for our office gig series and rewarded us with an infinitely catchy tune accompanied with beautiful, haunting vocals.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your EPK

Image via roberthancockco.com

It's spring, it's spring! Can you believe it? Better yet, can you feel it? The smell of lilacs in the air, the way those chilly mornings are slowly turning to humid evenings? And what better time to do a bit of spring cleaning than, well, spring? But while you're digging up the garden and cleaning out your garage, let's not forget the kind that can change your career: electronic press kit spring cleaning! Check out these five simple tips for a cleaner, catchier, more dynamic EPK.

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Jun 4, 2015 11:00 AM

Sonicbids Staff

Singer-Songwriter SeñoritAwesome Performs Acoustic Set at Sonicbids Office Gig in Boston

Stripped-down, acoustic perfomances are sometimes the way artists bare their innermost thoughts. Not to mention expose their musical prowess for all to see, and of course, have a little fun along the way. The supremely talented SeñoritAwesome! – the stage name of singer-songwriter Lauren Fareira – recently stopped by the Sonicbids headquarters in Boston for our office gig series, where she performed her feel-good, folky pop tune, "A Song That's Sadder Still." With a smile on her face and instrument in hand, SeñoritAwesome! caught our attention, our hearts, and our ears.

Want Promoters to Contact You for Gig Opportunities? Do This

Image via blog.nightlifetonight.com

As musicians, it seems like we're always the ones who have to come up with clever pitch emails and incessantly reach out to venues to try to get performance opportunities. Wouldn't it be nice if they had an easy way to discover us for a change?

3 Ways an EPK Can Supercharge Your Networking

Networking at SXSW. (Photo by Nicole Burton)

In today's digital landscape, good networking skills are a necessary evil among business people and musicians alike. It may not be your favorite part of your job, but making new contacts, exploring new opportunities, and marketing yourself are key steps toward career growth. For musicians, good networking is all about sharing your story. What are you about? What is your music about?