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Darren Eedens: How Moving From Toronto to a Small City in Wales Catapulted My Music Career

Darren Eedens (image via Facebook)

Musicians are always told to move to major cities like New York and Los Angeles to have a shot at making it big, but after folk singer-songwriter Darren Eedens performed at the popular Focus Wales Music Festival & Conference three years in a row with positive reception, he decided to try something unique: he left Toronto's eclectic, buzzing music scene to move across the ocean to a small city in Wales.

Technically, Toronto has a bigger population than the whole country of Wales, but that actually worked in Eedens' favor, as his music now makes a bigger splash in the scene. He's gone on to tour all over Europe, making a name for himself in bluegrass, Americana, and folk. And while there are certainly limitations of living in a smaller city, Eedens has had no trouble finding inspiration in his new environment – not to mention that hopping on a plane for a gig has never been easier or more affordable!

So, if you're wondering what goes into a big international move, or how living in a small city can actually be amazing for your music career, you'll want to hear Eedens' story.

How to Break Your Band Into the Diverse Toronto Music Scene

Billy Talent performs at NXNE in Toronto. (Photo by Phil Brennan)

Unlike other cities’ music scenes, Toronto’s is made up of such a quirky history that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to define "the Toronto sound." When you consider that minorities nearly make up the majority, the diverse, multicultural influences on the music that comes out of Toronto actually make a whole lot of sense.

In recent years, so many musicians have become drawn to Toronto – and as a result, the competition has gotten incredibly fierce, with artists having to do more now than ever before to stand out in the crowd. So, what do you need to do to break into the Toronto market? We asked some of the most experienced promoters and talent buyers in the city to find out.