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Top 4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Build a Band Website if You Don't Know How to Code

The Bandzoogle-powered website for Atlanta Americana band The Deadfields.

There are so many platforms that musicians can use for an online presence: Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Tumblr, Sonicbids, and so forth. Independent musicians especially rarely use just one. So why bother with a website? Well, at this point, your stuff's all over the place, right? Consolidating your media and info on a single website makes it significantly simpler for fans to find everything – plus, you have full control over your content and how it's presented.

Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Website for Your Music is Important Now More Than Ever

Image via audiotheme.com

Lately there's been a ton of talk about the importance of mobile-friendly websites. The "mobilegeddon" in which Google has added a new aspect of mobile-friendliness to its indexing algorithm threatens to bury non-mobile-friendly sites in search results. The reasoning for this is an obvious increase in the number of website visitors searching and accessing websites from their mobile devices. In fact, many sources agree that mobile use is likely to surpass desktop use in 2015.

Search optimization aside, there are many reasons why a musician's website should be optimized for mobile and include functions that make it easier for your fans to find information. Here are just a few.

6 Crucial Website Tips for Freelance Musicians

Image via hazelgayklee.com

It's a web-based world, and if you're running a business, it's almost career suicide to not have a great website. As musicians, it's important to remember that we're essentially running a small business for our skills and talents. A well-developed website is an extremely powerful tool for the freelance musician. It can be used to attract additional work, as well as simply show experience and skills to potential clients. It makes for a great home base that shows everybody exactly what you're doing and gives links to all of your social media platforms.

Easy, 5-Minute Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Band's Website

Image via saltedstone.com

This article originally appeared on the DIY Musician blog.


All winter my backyard has looked like one of those "north of the Wall" segments from Game of Thrones. Now that I can hear the faint trickle of melting ice, I'm just going to go ahead and declare that spring has arrived. Which also means it's time to take a fresh look at your band website and make sure it's up to date. Remember, most of the people out there who encounter your music will find you online. If your website looks… neglected, your visitors won't take you as seriously as an artist. Your fans might even stop recommending your music to their friends.

To make sure that doesn't happen, take five minutes or so to clean out the cobwebs, brush off the snow, or whatever metaphor might apply to you.

8 Reasons Why Fans Hate Your Band's Website

Image via moldhosting.com

A version of this article originally appeared on Bandzoogle.

When fans visit your band's website, you don't want them to have the same reaction as the gentleman in the video at the bottom of this post. Your website should be a place fans enjoy visiting to get your latest news, hear your latest music, watch your videos, and shop from your online store. Here are eight things to avoid that could be turning fans away from your site for good.