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How Do Dry Music Venues Make Money? (And 10 Other Things You Should Know)

Photo by Austin Bauman via amplyfi.com

You’re looking to play in a new city and you find an awesome music venue… but there's no booze. What does that mean for your band? How do you get paid? Will your fans still come? Are there perks to playing an alcohol-free spot?

We got three expert talent buyers and venue owners from across the US to weigh in on the subject of booze-free music venues:

7 Powerful Facebook Features That Bands Overlook

Image via Facebook

Every band knows having a Facebook page is essential to reach new fans and have a healthy online social presence. For many, their Facebook page even replaces an official website. Beyond the lure of accumulating likes, the platform can be a powerful tool if you make it work for you. Here are seven oft-ignored features that bands need to use, now.

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Oct 9, 2014 12:30 PM

Kaylee Bugg

5 Must-Read Music Business Books for Indie Musicians

Image via realhousedesign.com

If you want to take your band to the next level, there’s a place you can jumpstart your career that may surprise you. No, not LA or NYC. Try the local library!

The days of being serendipitously discovered are long gone; artists have to think and act smarter, which means engaging in some good old-fashioned self-education. Here's a list of five must-read books, chock-full of music business know-how that'll help you get started.