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6 Time-Saving Social Media Content Creation Tips and Tricks

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No matter what industry you’re in, creating great content takes time, energy, and lots of brain power. Sadly, sometimes having all three of those for long periods of time can feel impossible. Not to worry, these social media content creation hacks will save you time and much needed energy. 

11 Simple Ways to Stay Productive When You're Not Feeling Creative

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You grab your instrument and sit down, ready to create. You play a chord — it doesn’t feel right. You sing a note — you’re not feeling it. You start to make a beat — but the rhythm isn’t in your veins today.

This happens to every creative person. 

Even though creativity itself may be there — underneath the cobwebs or filters — sometimes you just don’t feel it. It’s asleep or out for a walk or hiding. 

So in this post, I’d like to share practical tips for staying productive and continuing to create even when you don’t feel creative. 

How to Make a Living in the Music Industry

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I bet you read that title and thought, “Sign me up!” After all, who doesn’t want to make money doing what they love? And in the music industry especially, making money can seem like such an afterthought in most of our ambitions and professions that it seems a bit like a unicorn.

But, I’ve long been a firm believer that there is plenty of money to be made in the music industry — if only you know where to look, and if only you remain a little flexible about it.

Music Business School 101: Should You Go - And If So, Where?

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Young people receive mixed signals all the time when it comes to the question of whether or not they should attend college before entering the music industry. There are countless examples of people who have jumped into the business headfirst without not only a degree but also any real-world experience, and they’ve been able to make it work.

Whether they be musicians who get their start as teenagers and figure out how the money works or others who simply seem to have an innate gift when it comes to managing, promoting, booking, or publicizing, there are perhaps a higher percentage of successful employees in the music industry who didn't study it in college.

So, is it worth it to go to school to study the music business, or is it worth taking the risk and hoping hard work and quick learning will be enough? That choice is ultimately up to you, but if you’re looking for the right fit, here are five of the best schools where you can study the music business.

Do I Still Need to Get Signed to be Successful in Music?

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Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

And you know what? It’s pretty empowering.