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How to Be a Nice Guy in Music and Not Finish Last

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We've all heard the phrase "nice guys finish last," the basis being that "nice guys" lack the confidence and aggression needed to succeed in life, thus being trampled by their "mean" cohorts. Fortunately for all the inherently considerate folk out there, this is a myth.

It's entirely possible to be nice and successful at the same time. There are, however, some finer details to keep in mind. So put a smile on your face, get those mean insults out of your head, and start down your path to success.

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5 Mental Habits That Will Make You a Better Bandleader

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Being a good musician is hard, but being a good leader of musicians can be even harder. Every band needs to have someone who's “in charge” in some way, though what that means varies from group to group. This person needs to help ensure that projects are completed on time, make creative decisions, and ensure that things are running as smoothly as possible within the group.

As you start up your new band, figure out who's going to be the bandleader from the beginning, and then do your best to make sure that person picks up these mental habits. If that person is you, pay attention!

5 Little Ways to Make More Time for Music This Week

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If you really care about something, you'll find a way to make time for it, right? Whoever believes that hasn't struggled to balance a full-time job, a DIY music career, and the general obligatory stuff of being a human. Even musicians who truly love the craft can find themselves short on time for practice, songwriting, or playing gigs.

You meant to allow a half hour to tweak that new song today, but a stop for gas, some unexpected traffic, and a surprise call from a friend you've been neglecting and  bam! There goes your songwriting session.

Life getting in the way of your music-making is inevitable, but it's also manageable. These five tips can help you reclaim that time and develop habits that will help you avoid losing it in the future.

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