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How Booking Gigs Helped Music Collective the Human Circuit Take It to the Next Level

Image via thehumancircuit.orgHere at Sonicbids, we love to share the successes of our artists. Recently, we chatted with Mat Oldiges, the keyboardist, producer, and vocalist of music collective and all-around immersive experience the Human Circuit to hear their story, pick his brain, and discuss the importance of putting your heart onstage.

The Foxfires: a Sonicbids Success Story

Image via Sonicbids

Here at Sonicbids, we’re always happy to see our musicians succeed. We’ve started this series, Sonicbids Success Stories, as an opportunity to highlight our artists’ achievements, hear their stories and get their advice and insight on an ever changing industry.

Recently we sat down with Adam Kahn, bassist of the newly signed, New York bred ‘Seagaze’ band, The Foxfires. Adam said he’d had a downright hectic day, squeezing in some time while in the car, GPS directions intermittently sounding in the background as we talked.

Adam’s tone quickly shifted, however, into that of cheery optimism. Bright and engaging, he talked at length on the importance of “staying the course”, the lessons learned in overcoming strife and bringing positivity to a world and industry that batters you with negativity.

Sonicbids Bands Open for Allen Stone at Brooklyn Bowl


Photo by Charles Myers

Almost 1,000 people were in attendance at a jam-packed house last November 8th at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, New York, to watch world-renowned performer Allen Stone hit the stage. Stone’s (very friendly) fan base came out in droves on a beautiful fall Wednesday to watch his first NYC show in over a year. The doors opened and people filed in to start their night, hitting the bowling lanes and enjoying some of the Bowl’s famously delicious chicken. Smiles and great conversations were everywhere. They were a perfect crowd for an award-winning venue like Brooklyn Bowl, whose stage has featured acts the caliber of Guns N’ Roses, Kanye West and thousands more over the years.

The Realities of Being an Indie Artist in NYC With a Day Job: A Conversation With Wolkoff

Photo by Tommy Napolitano; used with permission

Joanie Wolkoff isn't your typical indie musician. She grew up in Toronto, moved out on her own at age 16, modeled in Tokyo, spent years in Paris, and worked for a conceptual artist decorating pigs outside of Beijing.

Currently based in New York, the electro-pop artist has experienced much of the world, and now, she's completely focused on making her music the best it can be. With features on Billboard.com, NYLON, Interview Magazine, The Fader, and many more of the most reputable music publications around, it's no secret that the world loves Wolkoff as much as she loves the world. But after catching up with the singer, we learned that it's much harder than it seems on her side of being an indie artist. While she's enjoyed a lot of success, she's also had her fair share of disheartening rejections, which led her to give us some very insightful, humble, and strategic advice.

How to Successfully Balance Music and Acting Careers: Advice From Kate Todd

Photo by Denise Grant; used with permission

Many musicians have tried their hand at acting, either before or after they decided make a name for themselves as a musician. Beyonce has starred in a few great films. Drake got his start by acting on the TV show Degrassi. The two industries overlap, but what does it look like for a rising artist who's balancing both?