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8 Cheap Merch Items That Bring Fans to Your Table

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Selling merchandise is incredibly important to most musicians, especially those who are independent or just starting out. While you'll surely make the bulk of your money on things like T-shirts, CDs, and vinyl, there are so many other items you could be selling that fans would be interested in opening their wallets for.

5 Ways to Avoid Costly Band Merch Mistakes

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Having new merchandise made can be a risky business – just ask any band that's paid good money to see plenty of items with their name or logo plastered on something sit around and go unsold. It’s tough, because selling branded merch can be a great way to bring in some much-needed cash, but if you get it wrong, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Plus, you can lose not only money out of pocket, but also on potential sales and potential earnings.

So, what’s a band to do to get it right? There is no magic trick that will tell you exactly what to order, in what sizes, and in what quantities, but there are ways to try and limit the number of missed opportunities or to get it just a bit more “right.” Here are a few ideas that could come in handy the next time you want to add something to your merch lineup.

Setting Up Shop: How to Create an Online Store for Your Music

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As an indie musician selling your music, your number-one goal should be to become capable of selling your music and merch right from your own website. For sure, online stores like iTunes are an important part of your product mix, but a website gives you a few added benefits.

How to Maximize Profits From Your Music Merch

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Being a musician has never been easy, but it's particularly difficult in 2016. There’s still money to be made in the music industry, though, and a large percentage of that comes from merchandise. Fans who attend your concerts love to immortalize their experience by purchasing a cool T-shirt, poster, or perhaps your band’s own zany creation. The potential for merchandise to bring in some serious dough is there, yet many bands aren't taking it so seriously.

3 Things Your Fans Will Gladly Give You Money For

Those lanyards are like gold to your superfans. (Image via Shutterstock)

Let’s talk about superfans. Most artists have that small segment of fans who are crazy about them and their music, but they don’t give their superfans the opportunity to support them on the level they want.

Let me explain. Think of your all-time favorite artist  the one that you always catch when they’re touring through town and always buy their albums. Chances are you’re probably willing to spend a lot of money on that artist. But  and here’s the real problem  for most artists, fans are only given the chance to spend $10 on an album or maybe $40 on some merch. This is fine for the casual fans, but true superfans would totally spend more on their favorite artists  if they’re given the chance.

In a sense, you’re essentially capping off your own earning potential by only allowing your fans to spend $10–$40. You can’t blame your fans for not spending enough money on your music if you’re not giving them the opportunity.