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Ask a Publicist: 5 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Bands

If you're dipping your toes into the social media waters as a band, I recommend starting with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you're using these tools with the goal of building your profile as a band, I would suggest being informative, positive, sincere and strategic in your use.

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Apr 23, 2014 12:30 PM

Alyssa DeHayes

Ask a Publicist: What Goes Into a Press Kit?

I've received a few emails from readers asking what goes into a basic press kit.

For starters, host your press kit online. A clean, organized, self-serve electronic press kit (EPK) – be it a tab on your website or on the Sonicbids platform – will be far better received than a huge attachment on an email, especially if it's an unsolicited email.

Ask a Publicist: How Do Bands Sabotage Their Own PR Campaigns?

In our biweekly "Ask a Publicist” column, national publicist Alyssa DeHayes pulls back the curtain on PR, demystifying issues and offering advice.

During the time I've been a publicist, I've watched my colleagues and I garner national press for clients' tour and album releases, and even seen publicists and clients become the best of friends outside of their working relationship. I've seen bands carefully plan their album release so that their press campaign has the best possible chance of success, but I've also noticed some common mistakes bands make that put themselves at a disadvantage. Even if you're doing it yourself, much of the advice below still applies. 

Ask a Publicist: How Can I Get Noticed at SXSW?

Alyssa DeHayes, publicist at Team Clermont. Photo credit: Shil Patel.

The van is packed. You're probably already mid-tour on your way to Austin. Now, how are you going to make an impact at SXSW when hundreds of bands are packed into a small area competing for attention? It's not too late to take a few last-minute measures to get the most out of your trip – in terms of publicity and beyond. 

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Feb 26, 2014 01:08 PM

Alyssa DeHayes

Ask a Publicist: What Do You Do, Exactly?

Photo credit: Shil Patel

For our first “Ask a Publicist” column, national publicist Alyssa DeHayes demystifies what publicists actually do for artists – and what they don’t do.