4 Reasons Why You Should Play PrimaveraPro

Posted by Lisa Occhino on Mar 3, 2014 04:36 PM

Primavera_Sound_Festival Primavera Sound Festival 2013. Photo credit: Eric Pàmies.

Primavera Sound is one of Europe’s premier festivals, and we’ve got the exclusive hookup for your opportunity to perform. Four Sonicbids artists will get to play PrimaveraPro, the conference portion of the festival that gives emerging artists direct access to music industry professionals.

Here are the top four reasons why you should play PrimaveraPro. Submissions close on March 27, 2014, so submit your application before it’s too late!

1. It’s in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain

The PrimaveraPro Conference takes place at Primavera Sound from May 28 to June 1, 2014 – easily one of the loveliest times of the year to visit Barcelona. The weather is warm and clear, and the festival happens right on the waterfront. Take it from Danz Johnson of the electronic solo project Computer Magic, who was selected to perform last year: “Spain is an amazing country and Barcelona is a great city,” she says. “The people there were wonderful.”

2. Lots and lots of artist perks

Playing PrimaveraPro means you get the ultimate VIP treatment. A $1,000 travel stipend will be given to two artists from North America or South America, one European artist (excluding Spain) will get a 500 EUR stipend, and one Spanish artist will get a 200 EUR travel stipend. In addition, all four Sonicbids artists will receive:

  • A performance slot at the PrimaveraPro area of the Primavera Sound festival.
  • Registrations for the whole tour party (up to four people per band).
  • Accommodation for the tour party (two double rooms per band) and dinner for the entire tour party the night of their show.
  • Access to the DayPro area and participation in the exclusive activities for professionals that will take place there: branch lounge, conferences, workshops, meetings, showcases, receptions, etc.
  • Access to the NightPro area (exclusive for professionals, press, and artists), which includes all types of facilities (ocean pools, special discounts at the bar, restaurant, press set) and participation in the activities that will take place there.
  • Inclusion in and access to the Directory of Professionals.
  • Access to all the concerts in the lineup of the Primavera Sound 2014 festival.
  • Access to the VIP area of the Primavera Sound 2014 festival, with privileged views of the main stage and discounts at the bars in this area.
  • Speedy access to concerts held in the Auditori (indoor venue with limited capacity).
  • Welcome pack with the official PrimaveraPro 2014 book.

3. Networking opportunities

PrimaveraPro is the perfect setting to soak up industry knowledge and network with professionals. Artists will have access to both DayPro and NightPro, where they can learn from and meet agents, concert promoters, festival/event organizers, record label executives, and press people.

4. The headliners

With this year's headliners including Arcade Fire, The National, Pixies, Slowdive, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, and Kendrick Lamar, it’s easy to see why Primavera Sound is one of Europe’s top festivals. Apply today for your chance to be a part of it!

Perform at PrimaveraPro

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