5 Steps to Crowdfunding

Posted by Kate Myers on May 23, 2012 02:32 PM
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Chances are you’ve heard a fair amount about the success artists have had using crowdfunding platforms. In fact, right now artists like indie queen Amanda Palmer and fan favorite Ben Folds are both running successful campaigns. Before you get started on a campaign for your band, check out these 5 steps to a badass campaign.

Make Fans

If a tree falls in the woods, and there’s no one there to hear it, will it make a noise? Same thing goes with crowdfunding. Even if you set up a sweet campaign, you need fans to find out about it and engage or else you won’t meet your goals (aka raise funds).  Spend time building up your fan base online, whether that’s through Facebook and Twitter or through an email list that you reach regularly. These fans (and super fans) are going to make or break your next campaign.


While we can all use a bit of extra cash, crowdfunding campaigns are most successful when they are tied to specific projects and budgets. Budget out what you’re working on this year, a new record or upcoming tour. Taking into consideration the cost of a project and the size of your base, determine the project and goal for the campaign.

Exclusive Silliness

When deciding what the rewards would be for donating, keep it fun and thoughtful. Put together a list of things you can give your fans (including some fun ones – we recently came across Sonicbids’ Lovely Bad Things promising to get a tattoo on a band mates bottom for a significant donation). Do you have exclusive content (or better yet, can you create exclusive content like unreleased tracks or handwritten tabs).

Don’t skimp on the video.

Crowdfunding sites typically ask you to create a video to let fans know why you need the funds. Consider this as your elevator pitch – you have 1 minute to convince music fans from all over to support you. Make sure the video shows your bands personality. Fans want to feel connected with you and your music.

Keep it coming. 

Document both your success and your project throughout the campaign. Whether it’s posting pictures each day or creating weekly recap videos, be sure to share your reactions and your work with your fans. Chances are, creating great content will get you more fans as well! #Winning

Have you completed a crowdfunding campaign or are you thinking about creating a campaign? Leave us the dirt in the comments!

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