8 Reactions Every Musician Has When People Have Something Snarky to Say About a Career in Music

Posted by Dylan Welsh on Apr 2, 2015 10:00 AM
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Are your friends and family bugging you about your choice to get involved in the music industry? The next time they have something snarky to say about it, try one of these responses on for size. (We know you're already thinking them in your head anyway!)

1. When they start comparing your music career to their boring day job

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It's not like you're interested in a cubicle with a desk anyway.

2. When they ask when you'll be famous

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We'd love to know when that will happen as well.

3. When people try to give you "practical" career advice

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Everybody likes to think they know everything.

4. When people diss your rockstar attire

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They're just jealous you look cooler than they do.

5. When somebody says they could do exactly what you do

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It's easy to think you're a good singer if you're tone deaf.

6. When somebody tries to tell you that music is easy

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That's because you've never met somebody who does it professionally.

7. When you can't get a heckler to leave you alone

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Sometimes you just have to walk away.

8. Whenever anything negative is said about your pursuit of the arts

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Applies to pretty much any situation.


Dylan Welsh is a freelance musician and music journalist, based in Seattle, WA. He currently plays in multiple Seattle bands, interns at Mirror Sound Studio, and writes for the Sonicbids blog. Visit his website for more information.

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