9 Alternative Tour Vehicles You Should Highly Consider

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Apr 1, 2015 08:00 AM

Getting to gigs can be a pain, that's for sure. The van breaks down (again), traffic is totally gridlocked, and your drummer is snoring in your ear. Don't you wish you could revamp your transportation into something more functional, nay, glamorous? Well, here are nine options that are sure to change your touring life!

1. Canoe

canoeImage via sceencrave.com

For all those island gigs. Careful, though – don't get your gear wet!


2. Moped

mopedImage via scooterdepot.us



3. Segway

segwayImage via electrictourcompany.com

EXTRA badass.


4. Barbie Beach Patrol




5. Private jet

jetImage via dailymail.co.uk

Not recommended for broke musicians.


6. Unicycle

unicycleImage via wikihow.com

If you play guitar while you ride it, people will give you money even on your way to your gig! Can't do that in a dumb van, now can you?


7. Dogsled

dogsledImage via imgkid.com

In case you're playing in Alaska.


8. Crocodile Mile


Perfect for getting to gigs that are wayyyy down a hill.


9. Hot air balloon

hotairballoonImage via propertiesofmatter.si.edu

Touring with a view!


In case this isn't abundantly obvious, Happy April Fools' Day.

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