Closing Soon: 4 Gigs Perfect for Artists Who Got Soul

Posted by Casey Lange on Oct 19, 2018 02:35 PM
Casey Lange

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This week’s roundup features soul, funk, jazz, and groove gigs closing soon that artists in up-and-coming music cities (i.e., not NYC/LA) will want to jump on and fast.

Urban Artifact

Sinfully quirky Cincinnati event space Urban Artifact (pictured above) is located in the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Committed to new and different music, this venue is interested in local and nationally touring artists.

Perfect for: Rock, jazz, folk, acoustic, country, blues and soul acts, but the venue is open to all genres.

The gig: As an ongoing opportunity to play a 500-plus-capacity venue, this is a stellar way to get in on a progressive music scene and build a fanbase in Cincinnati.

Deadline to apply: November 5, 2018


The Boom Boom Room

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The Boom Boom Room lies in the heart of San Francisco's Fillmore district and rocks out six nights a week. With a designated dance floor and a funky, purely SF vibe, don’t miss your shot to play this receptive, authentic, Bay Area venue. 

Perfect for: Blues, boogie, groove, and soul

The gig: Now booking for fall slots.

Deadline to apply: November 4, 2018


ZuZu Boston

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 5.53.49 PMImage via SonicbidsA premier Central Square music venue, Zuzu has been the stepping stone for emerging regional artists.

Perfect for: Rock, soul, blues, acoustic, pop, world and alternative bands

The gig: Ongoing opportunities

Deadline to apply: November 3, 2018


Apache Cafe

apacheImage via SonicbidsThis intimate club in northwest Atlanta features open mic nights, DJs and soul food alongside live bands, spoken word, and slam poetry.

Perfect for: Jazz, blues, soul, and world music local and touring artists

The gig: Ongoing opportunities

Deadline to apply: November 5, 2018


For even more opportunities, browse all of our open gigs now accepting entries from Sonicbids artists!


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