Ariel Hyatt's Twitter Mini-Masterclass for Musicians: Watch This 15-Minute Video for Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Sonicbids Staff on Oct 2, 2015 09:00 AM

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Still confused about how to most effectively reach fans on Twitter? You're not the only one. In this quick 15-minute masterclass from Cyber PR's Ariel Hyatt, you'll learn everything there is to know to get up and running, and start engaging with people in 140 characters!


00:29 - Why some people avoid Twitter...

00:57 - ...but why Twitter is important for you

01:24 - The Twitter basics

05:57 - Followers and following: should you follow back?

07:08 - Respond to every interaction

07:58 - The deal with hashtags

08:58 - Getting involved with communities through TwitChats

10:16 - How often should you tweet?

11:16 - Should you pay for followers?

11:44 - How to use Twitter lists

13:09 - Using HootSuite

13:35 - It's almost impossible to over-communicate on Twitter

14:40 - Don't market yourself, just get into conversations


What are your tried-and-true Twitter methods? Let us know in the comments!

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