A chat in NYC with Art vs Science on breaking into the US, beer and more

Posted by Tess Cychosz on Jun 28, 2012 06:23 AM
Tess Cychosz
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Tess: So I actually saw you guys last year in New York when you played at CMJ (and for the record, it’s very clear you are not an anti-social band). Did you feel like your presence at that festival and conference help you come back and play to a bigger crowd?

Jim: Yeah, the shows last time were a bit harder because there were smaller venues and lots of shows with fewer people. And now coming back this time we’ve seen there are a lot more people and I like to attribute it to all the hard work we put in last time.

Dan M (commenting on Big Gigantic, who was on stage at that moment): This sounds like the theme song in Street Fighter when they’re playing in Las Vegas! This guy is playing saxophone! Anyway, just wanted to point that out.

Tess: Ok, one last business question and we got a couple fun questions for you guys. You obviously put on an incredible live performance. You’re really animated and get the crowd going. Do you have any tips for other bands that are playing in front of a new audience that might not know who they are?

Dan M: Yes. If you’re going to try to get people into your music, you have to be into your own music. You can’t expect other people to dance if you’re not getting into it yourself. And you can’t do it in a fake way. You have to do it in a very genuine way, (laughing) or in a very, very believable fake way.

Jim: Yeah, you have to be a really good actor or really into it.

Dan M: Like, if a show’s not going well for me and I can’t look people in the eyes and go: “Yeah, everyone yeah! Make some noise…” Wait, I never say: “make some noise.” That’s on the black list.

Jim: But if we’re not playing to a big room and no one knows us or is even really paying attention to us, we just start looking at each other and vibing off of each other. Though, I think we’re pretty lucky that when we put in a bit of effort…

Dan M: …that doesn’t really happen.

Jim: Yeah. That shit don’t happen.

Click play below to hear the rest of the interview - where I ask the band about some funny stuff. And check out Dan M chugging a beer and the band playing "Parlez-Vous Francais?" here!

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