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Over the last 36 years, Steve "The Renman" Rennie has become one of the most successful and respected professionals in today's music business. He has amassed a broad swath of experience as a concert promoter (Sr. VP of Avalon Attractions, now Live Nation, 1984-1990), record company executive (Sr. VP and GM of Epic Records, 1994-1998), internet entrepreneur (ArtistDirect, 1998-2000) and artist manager (Incubus, 1998-2014). Now, he is dedicating himself to mentoring this next generation of artists and music pros through his website, Renman Music & Business, an online education portal for the music industry, and Renman U, an interactive online course designed to be "an insider's guide to today's music business."

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The Experience vs. Enthusiasm Dilemma: How to Pick Your Band's Team

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 09:00 AM
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