San Francisco's Geographer Get Fans Kaleidoscoping

Posted by Kate Myers on Feb 2, 2012 04:37 PM
Kate Myers
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We are constantly blown away by Sonicbids artists’ creativity – especially when it comes to campaigns connecting with fans.

In the last week, we came across yet another innovative band reaching their fans. Meet Geographer, admittedly one of my favorite bands out of San Francisco at the moment. These electronic rockers have a new release out at the end of this month, Myth. To get their fans pumped for the record, the boys got inspiration from their first single, Kaleidoscope.

“‘Kaleidoscope’ is about feeling separated from the world and people around you. The song itself examines the idea of how we may not have the proper tools to perceive and experience life in the way we desire. This lack of closure often drives people to produce art as the byproduct of those tools -- to turn that supposed failure into something beautiful” shares Mike Deni of Geographer.

Geographer invites fans to “kaleidoscope” their photos.  “It’s our way of giving people the opportunity to experience this process and help us make the concept more powerful through their participation.”

All you have to do is upload a photo to Instagram or Flickr and hashtag #GEOGRAPHER. Then check out this sweet site and “scope up” your photo. Given all the photos already uploaded on the site, Geographer’s fans are loving this idea. Here’s what our addition looks like!

A closer look: Geographer teamed up with a company Eyes and Ears Entertainment to create the app. And with a client list like Typhoon, My Morning Jacket and Lady Gaga, it seems this social technology is for the masses.

Have you come up with a cool interactive campaign with your fans? Give us the scoop in the comments!

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