How to get your album on Pandora and Spotify

Posted by Jeff Israel on Aug 6, 2013 06:46 AM

When’s the last time you’ve been at a party and someone threw a couple of CDs into a 6 disc changer and popped it on shuffle?

Nowadays, someone will put open up their favorite streaming app du jour and press play. This begs the question; How do you get your music on a streaming service?


OK, that stuff I said in the first paragraph about CDs? Don't go throwing them all away. Pandora needs your CDs.

Here's what you need to get your music onto Pandora

    1. A CD of your music or comedy

    1. MP3 files for 2 of your tracks

    1. A UPC code 

    1. The legal rights to your music or comedy

Once you have all of that info, you can go to Pandora's Submission page to complete the process.

Spotify / Rdio

Are you independent? Great!  Both Spotify and Rdio work with a wide array of aggregators and distributors to put independent music on their service. Spotify | Rdio

Take, for example, CD Baby. Signing up for their service costs $49, but you get your music onto streaming services and into iTunes. TuneCore is a similar service that offers varied pricing structures. Upside: You keep 100% of your profits. Downside: There is a yearly fee.

Are you signed to a label or distributor? If so, sit back, relax and light a cigar with a $100 bill. Your label and/or distributor will take care of getting your music on a streaming service for you. Spotify and Rdio work with a majority of these already. If you’re shopping around it’s good to ask if these companies have relationships with streaming services already.

If you're looking for a label or distribution make sure to search the Sonicbids Find Gigs page with a custom search for those opportunities, as they do arise quite frequently.

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