How To Get Your Music Video More Views

Posted by Jeff Israel on Aug 3, 2013 03:10 AM
Back in the day there were only a few outlets to watch music videos, mainly cable channels. The Internet Era has obviously changed this, which means it's easier for your video to get lost in the shuffle.

There are ways to counteract this, however. Here are some tips to get more views on your music video.

Make A Great Video Of A Great Song - OK we are going to take this point as universally understood and assumed by all.

Have A Hook - Is there something interesting and noteworthy about your video? Take Kopecky Family Band's video for "Heartbeat" for example.  They shot the video for just $9.00. Are you going to click on something to see what a $9.00 music video looks like? Of course you are.

Distribute Distribute Distrubute - Know your audience and know where your audience goes to get their music fix. Identify the blogs that may be tailor made to feature your blog and send them your video. Don't make it too pitchy and overbearing. A simple, 'Hey we think you'd like our new video. We shot it for $9! Let us know what you think.' will suffice for sure.

Centralize Your Distribution- There are so many video hosting services out there. Make sure you distrubute THE SAME link. This may seem silly and obvious, but it  cannot be understated. I recently asked the dudes of Clear Soul Forces what one of their keys to success were and this is what they told me:  "Blogs sharing your links are a sure fire way to get views more than letting them post their own links. Keep everything centralized." Their video for Get No Better has more than 2 million views, so yeah, I'd listen to their advice.

Master Your MetaData - What is MetaData? Well, someone smarter than me could answer this way better but, in layman's terms, it's all the info that describes your piece of data; in this case the video. So when you're filling out the description fields in YouTube it's very important for that MetaData to pick up keywords. San Cisco did this with their video and a direct link to their actual video is the first thing that pops up on Google.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.39.05 PM

Create An Official Channel For Your Band - Wow you're video was great. How can I see more? Oh you have an official YouTube channel that a) houses all of your video uploads b) I can subscribe to c) I can view a playlist if you want me to? How perfect. Set this up yesterday.

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