How To Throw The Best Album Launch Party

Posted by Jeff Israel on Aug 1, 2013 12:31 PM


You’re putting some the finishing touches on your album and you want to share it with your fans and friends. Sure, you can just put it up on your website and say, “Hello fans and friends. Here is our record for you to enjoy.” But that’s no fun. This is something you’re proud of and it deserves to be introduced to the world in a big way.

Here’s how to throw an amazing album release party.

1)   Find The Perfect Venue – If you’ve been gigging for a while you’ve surely experienced all levels of your local venues and made some relationships along the way. Find the right mix between cavernous and closet-sized for your party. Don’t forget to make it a place with killer sound.

2)   Build the Right Bill – Parties are more fun with your friends. Put genre similarities aside and have the most fun possible. Your fans will feel part of that community you’ve built.

3)   Expect To Play – This may seem like a no-brainer, but to some a record release party may seem like an excuse to play a CD whilst drinking wine & cheese. Nope. That was my Bar Mitzvah. Debut your new songs live and in everyone’s collective faces.

4)   Invite Beyonce & Jay Z – Hey, they showed up for the Yeezus release party. You never know, right?

5)   Make It Special For Your Fans – Think of something awesome to do for the people that support you. Whether it’s giving away copies at the door, signing merch, giving away recordings of exclusive tracks or putting together some sort of swag packs for fans in attendance, that’s the stuff that will resonate and make someone a fan for life.

Go off and conquer. Also, can I have a +1?

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